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Respond to my two Peers Purpose of General Education 10 hrs so 2pm hawaii time zone NO LATER

Compare and contrast your reasons why general education courses are important with that of your peers’ reasons and rationale. Each participation post should be a minimum of 75 words. Both responds 75 words each please


Style and Situational Leadership

ssignment 2: Style and Situational Leadership

Week 08 Discussion - Most Unforgettable Person - Part 2

Write a two-page character sketch based on the journal entry you just completed about your "Most Unforgettable Person" and post it to the discussion forum as an attached Word document.

Here is a suggested approach. (Feel free to come up with your own approach - or work out a new approach with your instructor.)


Do you think the portrayal of social class or gender in the media (whether in television shows, television news programs, movies, newspapers, radio, or other media sources) accurately reflects the realities of social class, inequality, and gender role expectations in American society? Give specific examples from the media to support your points.

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