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help in comunication and collobration course

Using information from  class materials, you will develop a toolkit tailored to increase collaboration and communication with a professional in your work environment.

week 5 journal entry 4

In one or two (1-2) pages (excluding attached artifacts), complete the following:

week 5

  • Defend or critique the value of common performance standards such as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

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What is your philosophy of education ( Perennialism / Essentialism / Progressivism/ Extistentialism / Social Reconstructivism ). Cite the relevant philosophers and ideas discussed in the text book (Ornstein, A.C., Levine, D.U., Gutek, G.L., & Vocke, D.E. (2017). Foundations of Education (13th ed.) Boston: Houghton Mifflin). How will your philosophical perspective impact your teaching style? How will your teaching placement modify your philosophy?


My topic for my project is counseling individuals with disabilities. Please following instructions on attach document. 


Assignment 2: Field Observation (25 points):

The Pastoral Epistles


For this assignment you will be submitting a Article Summary and Response Paper. You will locate and read a scholarly, peer-reviewed article.


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