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Thinking back to a time when you were a student, what was a specific action by a teacher that influenced your own teaching approach? (Mininum of 125 Words)


Leadership Theory Analysis and Application

Assignment 2: LASA: Leadership Theory Analysis and Application

Description of LASA:

In this assignment, you will review current literature on the leadership theories of your choosing. In addition, you will apply these theories to an organization of your choosing.



True or False (18 points)

If a statement is false, cross out the part that makes it incorrect and write in the correct information.

_____ 1.  All technology tools should only be used at specific grade levels.


APA format

In text citations for work used

reference page

no title page needed

TRIPLE check your grammar please


Answer the following questions:


Presentation: Development and Education Issues of Children With Severe and Profound Intellectual Disability

Using 12-18 slides, create a PowerPoint presentation for parents of children with ID that explains physical, language, cognitive, and psychosocial development. Address the following:

1. Identify professional and parental interventions.

2. Provide information for students with severe and profound ID.

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