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Domestic Containment Module 2 Discussion

Discuss the concept of "domestic containment". How did this concept operate in 1950's-1960's America? Why was it destined to ultimately fail? Give an example of one of the values present in domestic containment, and explain why it did not apply to the increasingly independent youth culture during the 1960's.

Girl Groups Module 2 Written

During the 1950's and 1960's, female pop music groups became wildly popular with American teenagers. How did the music of "girl groups" help to support feminism for young women of the time? Why was this music seen as dangerous to parents during this time? This paper should be 1-2 pages, in APA style.. One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in your essay.

Audiences in Creating Popular Culture Written Module 2

What role do audiences play in creating popular culture? Explain how Hollywood both manipulated and reflected the popular culture of the 1950's and 60's. Analyze a popular film of the time. This paper should be 2-3 pages, in APA style. One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in your essay.

Popular Culture Module 1 Written Assignment

Discuss the problematic nature of attempting to define popular culture. Why is it such a difficult subject to find a working definition? Give examples of some of the issues encountered when attempting to define and study this complex subject. This paper should be 1-2 pages, in APA style. One scholarly article as a minimum should be included in your essay.

No Fixed Forms Discussion Module 1

Explain how popular culture has "no fixed forms". What does this mean? Given the problematic nature of studying popular culture, because it is largely based on the tastes or favoritisms of social groups, we will discuss the ever-changing nature of popular culture. Give examples, in your own words, of how popular culture underwent major shifts during the postwar era.


Must be in APA format



Review the New York Times article When No One is On Call by Theresa Brown. Then, please compose an analysis of how the structure and pace of the work environment can complicate adherence to healthcare duties and responsibilities. , , including a brief description of the article

Unit Journal

Business Ethics -Unit Journal

Study Guide:

Constantinescu, M., & Kaptein, M. (2015, June). Mutually enhancing responsibility: A theoretical exploration of the interaction mechanisms between individual and corporate moral responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 129(2), 325-339. Retrieved from

Student-Centered Differentiated Learning


Investigate schools in your district or home state to find the levels of inclusion and co-teaching that are occurring, and report on the levels you discover.

• How are inclusion and co-teaching working in your state or district?

• How and why are they working?


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