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I found your post very informational and the image you chose directly relates to the curriculum development process.  The design stage sounds super important, as this is where the overall structure for the curriculum is mapped out.  You have pointed out that the design cannot be changed in later stages once commitment to one is chosen.  

Application: Best Practices Handbook, Part One

You will complete the title page, introduction, and challenges sections of your best practices handbook this week.

Week II assignment 671

Instructions: You will conduct a web search on your area of focus using Google

Discussion I week II 671

n Chapter 3 of Action Research: A Guide for the Teacher Researcher, the debate over the role of the literature process is discussed.  Mills (2014) remarks, 

PHIL 1301

Discuss your understanding of relativism. Do you agree that truth is relative? All truth? Even the statement that "all truth is relative"? (see how this works!)

You should have a minimum of 100 words


What was the "Renaissance Ideal" and what impact did it have on women artists and the representation of gender in art? Make specific references to artists and their works. You may also include references from research of your own not covered within the module resources.



The traditional, academic hierarchy of painting genres is as follows: history paintings, portraits, genre paintings (everyday life), landscapes, and, finally, still-life paintings. 


Assignment 1: The Scavenger Hunt

Due Week 3 and worth 100 points

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