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APA 6  format needs a Abstact ( just short one) run head ect.

key component of working as a manager is to conduct performance appraisals for the employees whom you are managing. You feel that the most effective way to carry out the performance appraisals is to create a written policy that details the way performance appraisals will be carried out.


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DUE Friday 01/20/2017


Discussion Board area, write 400–600 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments.


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The other strategies that will encourage parent-teacher relationship in their child's literacy area are:easy to use activities in the home, family literacy bags, and informational workshops. First, one of the strategies is to have parents to use easy to do activities in the home. The parents can help their child pick out books that are enjoyable to read. The parents will sit down with the child and listen to them read. The student will get more out of this type of activity. Second, another strategy is to have family literacy bag.

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Finding ways to stay in contact with the parent on a regular basis throughout the school year would encourage a successful parent-teacher partnership. Sending notes home to the family weekly is a good way to build a great partnership. This lets the parents know you are fully engaged in helping their child succeed in school. Through this partnership, the teacher can encourage the parent/parents to read daily to the child or to let the child read to them. The teacher can make suggestions for fun games.

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response at least 150 woreds


Some successful parent-teacher partnership that would benefit the child in the area of literacy are as follows:


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