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Find debatable health care article. To began with you have to talk about the article and then evaluate the article.
1. Is the author convincing enough.

Qualitative article and discussion

I have to choose a artlce from my reference list and write a qualitative article review, I also have to submit a discussion. Here's the discussion. When would a person need to do a Qualitative research?  How is Qualitative research different from Quantitative?  Is one easier to do than the other?  Which would you prefer to do?  Why?

Unit 6 organization communication

Developing a useful research question is an important skill for understanding, researching and evaluating topics of study. In this unit, the topic of Identity in organizational life is discussed.


For this Assignment, you will complete the Unit 6 Research Question Project Template.docx found in Doc Sharing. To complete this Assignment, you will review the basics of identifying and creating an effective research question, formulate a basic research question, and then discuss how you would modify the research question based on any further information found.


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