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response 1 hol

Watch the amount of parents that are working crazy hours what do you think is the hardest part of getting parents involved in literacy?

response 1 dp



respond at least 150 words


identify three students who have different abilities that can be assessed in one of the following domains: Cognitive/Academic Social/Emotional Language/Communication Motor Self-Help/Adaptive

 identify three students who have different abilities that can be assessed in one of the following domains:

  1. Cognitive/Academic
  2. Social/Emotional
  3. Language/Communication
  4. Motor
  5. Self-Help/Adaptive

For each of the three students, use at least 1 practicum hour for observation.

Preparing for the final project

Preparing for the Final Project: Planning Your Goals, Intentions, and Approach

Planning Your Goals, Intentions, and Approach

If you haven’t done so recently, review the “Preview of Your Final Project” criteria sheet. For this assignment, you will develop a plan that addresses your goals, intentions, and approach for the Final Project.

field experience paper or powerpoint

Alternate Assignment for Field Experience 4

Locate the Local Education Association (LEA) information for Killeen Independent school district or access the state of Texas' education website to find the following information:


Professional Standards

Write an APA formatted paper that is between 3 and 5 pages in length that describes how you as a teacher candidate will strive to meet the requirements of the specific standards listed below. Specifically address the individual standards and address the relationship between planning, instruction and assessment and how professional learning, leadership and collaboration play an important role in growth and improvement. Ensure you are able to cite the specific standards you are addressing.

Learning Needs Matrix

 Identify the characteristics of the various disabling conditions identified in IDEA in a matrix across these categories: Eligibility criteria, Intelligence, Language, Academic Functioning, Behavioral Challenges, Trends and Issues and Instructional Implications. Fill in the matrix attached.


week 5

  • Using your planned evaluation project, assume that the client paying for the evaluation has requested that you primarily use audio/visual interview and observation techniques.
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