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Activity 1: Considering your target student or a student with significant disabilities, use the steps described in Reading 2 to draft a plan for the student to be included in the general education setting for one activity (i.e., one lesson).  You may use a lesson from your teaching, or research lesson plans on line (citing your source). Include the lesson plan, and the plan for including your student.

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i put 3-5 year old early chilhood

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CE420: Curriculum Development

8 pages

Scenario: You have just started work as the new Human Resources Manager for Acme Manufacturing, a Fortune 1,000 company. The job has been vacant for six months now. You have been wondering about this, especially since reading about employee harassment incidents and fights recently in the news.

Final Rough Draft

Please prepare at least 5 pages of this assignment (rough draft) NLT 23 Oct 16 @ noon central time zone

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