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1- don't use old references



2- don't use the pronouns I, or we, and our.


assignment 3

Write a four to seven (4-7) page paper in which you:

week 6

  • Using your evaluation plan, describe it briefly and discuss the appropriateness, benefits, and limitations of using two of the following

Friendly and Professional (2 Questions)

DQ 1


Prepare: As you prepare to write your response to this discussion assignment, you may want to review the following resources as these will help you in developing a topic:


Develop a research topic:

Incorporate Sources into your research paper:


wk 6 dis phi210

"Identifying Truth or Fiction"  Please respond to the following:

wk 5 dis phi210

"Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument"  Please respond to the following:

Vocabulary Scenario


This week you will be researching and finding 3 vocabulary strategies that you can use with the young man described in the syllabus.  You will then write a 500-750 word essay identifying and explaining the strategies.  In addition, you will discuss how you would involve his parents in one of the strategies for them to use at home.  Include at least 3 sources to support your research. 


Use the following scenario from The IRIS Center to complete the tasks below:

response 1

at least 150 words


Do you think that it is important to include student centered and teacher centered teaching in a literacy classrooms?

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