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ECON 102

Economic rent helps ensure that

ECO 450 Week 11 DQ 2: Public Finance and You

Analyze the economic effects of government deficit spending on debt, economic growth, and consumer interest rates. Discuss the effect current deficit spending has on your future income.


ECO 450 Week 11 DQ 1: Government Policies on Health Care and Taxation

From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the opposing viewpoints regarding the current administration policies in the areas of health care and taxation. Explain the impact these policies will have on you and your family. Cite your sources in your answer.

ECO 450 Week 10, DQ 2: Government Finance

Compare and contrast a centralized versus a decentralized government. Include a discussion of the Tiebout Model.


ECO 450 Week 10 DQ 1: Wealth and Taxation

Compare and contrast a wealth tax and an income tax. Evaluate how the differences between these two taxes might impact individual behavior.


ECO 450 Week 9 DQ 2: Taxation on Consumption and Sales

Compare and contrast the following types of taxes: sales, excise, turnover, and value-added. Choose the one type that affects economy the most. Provide a rationale for your answer.


ECO 450 Week 9 DQ 1: Corporate Income Tax

Analyze the short-run and long-run impact of taxation on output, income, and the allocation of resources. Speculate the most problematic area of the taxation and suggest strategy to improve it.


ECO 450 Week 8 DQ 2: Personal Income Tax

From the second e-Activity, analyze the impact of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts on personal income tax rates. Take a position on whether the Bush tax cuts be extended on a temporary or permanent basis for individuals. Provide a rationale for your answer


ECO 450 Week 8 DQ 1: The U.S. Tax System

From the e-Activity, analyze the economic effects of a flat-rate tax on the U.S. economy. Identify how a flat-rate tax affects government activities. Cite your sources in your answer.


ECO 450 Week 7 DQ 2: The National Debt

Analyze how budget surpluses and deficits impact national saving, interest rates, and economic growth. Take a position on whether the government should maintain a budget surplus or budget deficit. Justify your response. 

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