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Presentation Guidelines

Be sure you use good presentation skills and correct economic terminology.  You can find complete details as attached



These assignments will give you an introduction to the systems approach and give you the opportunity to practice creating diagrams to model business processes.



What were the most important aspects of the computer and electronics revolution?  What are the social consequences of this changing technology?  How did computers and cellular phone change from the mid-80's to today?  What is a "Selfie?"


1. As you read about the achievements and challenges of the historical figure(s) you examined in this week, were you able to see yourself more clearly as an agent of social change as a public health or health education professional?


Write a long page description of several ideas. First of all I want you to define and explain absolutism including a description of two prominent absolutist monarchs. Why are they described as absolutist? I also want you to describe and explain the idea of the enlightenment. Explain the ideas of the enlightenment including the ideas of my favorite person in world history....John Locke.


Of the profitability ratios listed in Chapter 8 of the text:

DuPont ratio

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