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Discussion Question

Balance of Power"  Please respond to the following:

Discussion Question

"Partisan Legislation"  Based on the lecture, address the following:


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DraftofSlidesforStander:(DueThursday,March30th)Studentsshouldpreparetogivea10minute presentation of their research. Slides should be neat, informative, and readable.

economics homework

<p>looking for somone to complete online economic homework on website. &nbsp;for chapters 2,3,4,6,7,10,11. its similar to taking an online test


econ 104 hw

1.Can the economy produce above potential GDP, and thus above the economy's capacity?

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This week requires the student to address six unresolved issues in macroeconomics, each of which is central to current political debates. Students are required to use information and tools that they have accumulated in their study of the text and evaluate both sides of those issues, determine which side they can support for each issue, and defend their positions. 

Assignment Steps 

Select two subjects from the following list of topics and write a 1,050-word analysis: 

Career Skills (150 MAX)

Please choose and describe one nutrition-based certification and how it can be beneficial to practitioners serving diverse populations. How can this certification impact consumer food choices and how can it elevate a professional’s career

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