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Compare and Contrast the concepts of Project Portfolio Management and Management of Multiple Project

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For this Discussion, you will explore the differences between intelligence and academic achievement (as opposed to other types of achievement). You also will examine environmental and/or biological influences on intelligence and academic achievement.

Economics Solow Growth Model

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In 250 words or more. Discuss the transporters role, the port’s role and the government’s role in controlling invasive species and other hazards inherent in the movement of goods, goods themselves, and their packaging, specifically addressing the management of wastes at port activities as part of the total solution.


What is meant by an investor’s required rate of return? How do we measure risk in an investment? What do you consider a “risky” investment and a “safe” investment? What do you consider the tradeoff between risk and return of investments? Why are these concepts important to business leaders in Saudi Arabia? Search the internet for an academic or industry-related article. Select an article that relates to risk versus return and doing business in Saudi Arabia.


The concept of leadership as a "vocation" greatly distinguishes leadership from a job, career, or what one simply does for a living. A vocation can be thought of as one's calling. Vocation is often associated with the clergy or missionaries who feel called by a higher power to fulfill a specific purpose.

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Macroeconomics 1 --undergraduate economics research paper

Write a short, formal research paper by choosing an interesting application (from a news article, journal article, personal story, etc.) that relates to any category of your choice from the list below:

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