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13 pages economic paper


I need to write 13 pages about one chapter of my economic class. The link for the book is provided, but still you need to bring more information from other sources. I need at least 10 academic references. 



Unit V Essay

Please write an essay about pollution prevention in the dry cleaning and hydraulic fracturing industries. Include the following items:


Intellectual Property Audit

The High ridge Water District

The High ridge Water District needs an additional supply of water from Steep Creek. The engineer has selected two plans for comparison: Gravity plan: Divert water at a point 10 miles up Steep Creek and carry it through a pipeline by gravity to the district. Pumping plan: Divert water at a point near the district and pump it through 2 miles of pipeline to the district. The pumping plant can be built in two stages, with half-capacity installed initially and the other half 10 years later.

Market structures like Monopoly, Duopoly, Oligopoly and Monopolistic competition in Australia

Topics for Individual essay   DUE Class 6


Choose any One of the topics from the following list:


From a sample of 209 firms, Wooldridge obtained

   From a sample of 209 firms, Wooldridge obtained the following regres- sion results*:

Discussion Question

Your company produces “Big Duster” tires. Your most popular styles are the ones with the raised white lettering on the outside of the tire. You would like to export tires to Mexico but cannot pass the Mexican labeling and marking requirements. Among the many other requirements, a required remolding of the tires in Spanish would be costly. You do not think the regulations are fair. Do the requirements violate NAFTA? What course of action should you take?


Module 2 - CaseTwo Primary Outcomes of Human Resource ManagementAssignment Overview

Public Administration in America

  1. Discuss the political values central to “liberal democracy.” In your judgment, which eleme


As division head, you have been assigned to oversee a new project that will require exacting work and long hours. You know a consultant that often works with your group who would be a perfect fit for project manager.

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