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This is in parts, this request is for part 1 due this Sunday. and it will be filled out in the grid which is in the attachment below


the article has been selected


There will be more parts to this assignment due in a future week. will pay per milestone 



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Stats Homework


article is in attachments. paper should be 1-2 pages long and answers all the questions below:

This article explores the association between alcohol consumption before and during pregnancy and the risk of preterm birth among first-time mothers. 

Econ w4 assignment

Assignment 1: Article Analysis

pollution.Research a social issue whose economic element is currently under debate. Develop a perspective about the practical problem(s) created by this issue. In conversation with at least one authoritative source that aims to address a practical problem

C. Delgado / Spring 2015 / WP4 & Portfolio Supplement

Writing Project 4: What, then, should be done?

(25% of Final Grade)


For this writing project we will return to focusing on invention, generating original ideas about interesting and

relevant topics in order to articulate appropriate questions. Before long, however, we will focus most of our

energy on revision, on perfecting our use of the tools of writing, on setting down the most elegant,

reasonable, sophisticated, persuasive argument we possibly can.

half page single space writing

 You can summarize the article, you can write a response to the article after you read the article 


Micro econ Math assignment

i need help with Micro econ Math assignment 

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