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Your Assignment Your final project will require you to examine any foreign currency of your choice (preferably one from an emerging market), and provide an analysis of that currency against the U.S. dollar over the 5-year period ending with 2010. To complete this assignment, examine an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for that currency, perform any additional research you need to do in order to understand the topic, and then write a 750-word paper that summarizes the results of your macroeconomic analysis.

Fall 2015 Econ 160 Microeconomics

1. The wedding dress industry is monopolistically competitive.

Intermediate Microeconomics question

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Assignment 1: Financial Concepts

Your niece just started her college career with a major in economics. She is curious as to the interrelationship between the success of an economy and the financial markets, concepts, and financial institutions. Accordingly, she has developed a list of questions addressing these issues and has asked that you explain the ideas.


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Read ¶6570 Student Loan Interest. Recently, there has been a debate that taxpayers should be able to deduct all, as opposed to a cap of $2,500, student loan interest in the same way that home owners are allowed to deduct all of the interest of a home mortgage.


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