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Economic homework 600 words APA style

I picked the supply curve as an economic issue. I have provided pict of the topic in the chapter 

Write an essay that answer the prompt below in six paragraphs at east and use the sources in your writing and CITE them

Question: Recognizing that firms are always responding to a fluid marketplace, in general list the items below in terms of priority (in order of what should come first) as part of sound business practice for a Multi-National Corporation (MCN). Please provide rationale for your ordering, how the topics are related, and a brief definition for each item

- Establish "Supply Chain"

engineering economics case study

the case description is in the file along with all instructions.

use excel for the table of the 35 year account.

make sure to use proper grammar.



Micro Homework

This one is an opportunity for you to use whatever source you would like...please provide the link, however no older than three years...on the subject of Property Tax and State Income Tax. The Chapter to be aligned that includes all aspects of taxes will be assigned after Spring Break.

economic and statistic question

one is data that need to use in homework and another one is homework

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