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T06 CYBERSECURITY EXAM 3 (Perfect Answer)

1. Which social network has become a popular site for online communities of al Qaeda sympathizers?

A. Facebook

B. MySpace

C. Tumbler

D. Orkut

2. The Terrorist Surveillance Program requires review and reauthorization of surveillance every __________ days.

A. 60

B. 30

C. 90

D. 45

3. Which of the following attacks involve directing conventional weapons against a computer facility for its transmission lines?


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Individual: Usability and Accessibility Test

Perform a usability test on your website home page.

Develop questions and work with a peer to answer questions on your site usability.

Run an automated accessibility test on the home page of your school website.

Individual: Website Submission and Maintenance Plan

Using the course software, develop a simple JavaScript® element for your website and develop a website maintenance plan.

Validate your HTML code using the Markup Validation Service on the W3C® website, ( prior to submitting your web page(s).

Assignment 1: Multi-Touch Screens vs. Mouse-Driven Screens

The following resources may be helpful when completing this assignment.

Java/C Programming

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