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Strayer CIS 440 Week 5 Mid-Term Exam

Question 1


By default, a table’s width is set to ____ percent of the page’s width.

Question 2


Which of the following shortcut menu commands, shown in the accompanying figure, creates a navigation menu with different text links?

Question 3


Computer science

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Algorithms questions

The question is: Find the edit distance between the two sequences KKACT and AKACAT, if the cost of each insertion or deletion is 2 and the cost of each substitution is 3 .



Overview The Slot Machine is a popular casino game that comes in a lot of shapes and sizes, but all have the same basic functionality: Multiple wheels are spun simultaneously, and then stop randomly. When all wheels have stopped, the prize value (if any) is based on the number of matching wheel values.


use crow's foot notation and this task has an EERD , describing foriegn key, primary key, cardinality and optinality. lastly show the relations such as one to one or one to many etc. 

find attachment below for work need to be done. 


Homework Assignment

I am looking for a quick turnaround on a response for both of the below topics, 200 to 400 words per topic. Where possible, the responses should include examples, explanations, personal experiences, comparisons / contrasts, etc. Provide detailed technical steps when reviewing specific implementations. Also include APA format for refernces used. Please respond only if you have an IT, Computer Science, Information Systems background.


Topic #1

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