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SDLC Assignment

Deadline: 3.5 Hours


All instructions are in the 2 attached documents


2-3 Pages

Computer Science Assignment with IT Plan

i am posting a Computer IT Science project with IT Plan


complete the attached worksheet

With rapid changes going on in the computer industry, a technician needs to build a trusted network of information resources that include websites, periodicals, and industry professionals.

This week's assignment consists of completing a worksheet that is beneficial to developing a network to help identify PC and mobile components.

Complete the worksheet titled, "CIS/290 Week 1 Assignment" and save it with your name in the file name.

Microsoft project, powerpoint, and paper

Due Tuesday


As a project manager, you are going to prepare two project outlines for the development of a mobile application. One project outline uses a waterfall model, another uses an agile method.

Prepare two project outlines using Microsoft® Project. Each outline shall consist of a task list and a Gantt chart showing task durations and precedence relationships.

"Network Security"

  • As a corporate network administrator the industry standard suggests your job is to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all


Reviewing Computer Operations

Assignment: Reviewing Computer Operations

1)  Explain why turning off the computer by using the power switch might be harmful to the system.

Jails, Prisons, and the Incarcerated

  • Suggest two ways that can reduce overcrowding in correctional facilities. Explain your choices in detail.
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