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Web375 Quiz 3 - 100% Score

1. (TCO 4) When you configure the IP address of your e-mail server, what does the number from 1 to               row 99 mean? (Points : 5)

       It shows the priority of the associated e-mail server.

       It shows the number of e-mail servers that are deployed.            

       It is optional code that has no meaning.

       None of the above                    

Microsoft Office Applications II

Only correct answers. Must be 100% correct no exceptions. No co payment at all, been burned 3 times in one day.



Database Backup

  • (a) Describe Database Backup – 2 pages, (b) Describe Disaster Planning - 2 pages, (c) Highlight the importance of the integration of both backups and disaster planning and the impact if

Research paper

The focus of the research paper is Data Leakage.  How does data leakage occur in an organization?  What are the common causes of this problem?  How would use address this troublesome trend? Use textbook(security in computing by pleeger, 5th edition), internet, and other publications to research this topic.

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