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student grade

Create a list that holds the student grade (A, A-, B+,….), modify the appropriate table to accept only the grades in the list(you need to explain why you selected the above table to record the student grade). Create a form that will update the student grade Create a query using "List of values Match" using the "In" operator Create a query using "Not Logical operator" using the "Not In" operator Create a form with 2 buttons to run the above 2 queries 


For this assignment, you are to first use pseudocode to develop the logic and coding for two programs. In the first program you will enable the user to input ten inventory items. The user will input the name of each item, the price of each individual item and how many of each item are in stock. You will accept the data inside a loop. The dialog with the user when requesting the input should be appropriate and comprehensive. The data will be stored in a file. The second program will output the contents of the file to the user's screen.


Keeping annual rainfall records. The class RainLog contains an instance variable data that is an array holding rainfall records of the past years. Required to write a constructor to instantiate and populate this array and methods that use this array to extract more useful information. Required to complete the constructor and five other methods. The constructor is passed a double array and should instantiate the instance variable array data to be the same length as the passed array, and then copy each item from the passed array into array data.


 Expand your application or site to include input form(s)--such as a change control request, a support ticket request, a test or bug report, a training request, or a contact request. Use any familiar web, JavaTM, .NET, or database development tool to design, develop, and create the application or site. The application or site must adhere to the following criteria: •Apply usability best practices and principles of design. •Form and page content is organized and professional. Create effective navigation for the application or site. •Integrate multimedia effectively.

Assignment 4

Assignment 4



 Suppose that the partition holding our Web server (/usr/var/www) was running low on disk space and you couldn’t delete or move any files, how would you resolve this issue? Note: for this question, I am asking you to explain how you would do it (no commands necessary).



Assignment 6 – Football Player Class & Collection Module



Library application

Create a user interface for the Library application that allows the user (i.e., the Librarian) to enter Book objects. 1. First create a mockup/wireframe of the window. 2. Thereafter, create a Java UI that implements the mockup/wireframe. 3. Finally, create a business layer manager, BookMgr, with the following stubbed-out method: public Book storeBook(Book book). The add button will cause the user-supplied information to be packaged into a domain Book object. It will also: a. Pass the domain Book object to the BookMgr.storeBook function.

Programming assignment due 11/25/2015

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Assignment 2: OOP

This assignment will give you an opportunity to work with basic switch statement, multiple alternative if statements, and properly indented and nested double alternative if statements.

Complete the following programs:

A+ Work

C# 1. Create a method called GreatestCommonDivisor that used Euclids algorithm as defined in this video - do not search out c# versions of the algorithm, everything you need is explained in the video and there should be no need for any additional 'research'. Your method signature should look like this int GreatestCommonDivisor(int a, int b) Create a test program that demonstrates the following GreatestCommonDivisor(164, 410) = 82 GreatestCommonDivisor(87801, 1469) = 113


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