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CIS 210 Week 4 Case Study 1: Building an Access Control System

Case Study 1: Building an Access Control System

Due Week 4 and worth 50 points


Research paper

What are the major strategies and why is it important to implement business continuity in today’s organizations?

Make sure you include the following:

html and css format for a personal website about a country

I do have the layout of how I want the website to look like, but I do not know how to create it using html and css (html and css format is what I need to submit.

Case study.



New Century Health Clinic

Need two basic html pages created (a home page and another linked together)

Submit your website folder, including all contents (images, CSS, etc.) as a compressed zip file


attached are images of how I want the website to look. Doesn't have to be perfect.

The fonts I used are arial and arial black.

If necessary the whole website can be one big image except for the two links at the top (commercial and residential)

wk4 Discussions

Pl ease see attachment for discussions. Due by 4/29/16


Java program

Java program on AVL TREE


[Maggie_k] Homework

as discussed.


Followup on APA Style.



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