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You are an administrator of a company application that runs on a server running Windows Server 2012 R2. You need to ensure that the server is up at all times. In addition, you need to plan how you will update the machine monthly with the appropriate Windows updates. Describe the steps necessary to performing this task.

I need some one to complete this assignment for me.

Adding CSS

Build on your web site with the Cascading Style Sheet - Follow the instructions carefully:


matlab(drawing tree map)

using matlab to draw a treemap table, the result should be exactly same as sample output 


final project

Submit your  final project.past and current wireless intrusion detection techniques. compare the differences between wired vs wireless intrusion detection techniques. looking forward to reading your rough draft.



Hello, Here is my anwer I just want you to order them in a file, and send it to me by zipping file. Also the code and the out put should be working well:



Composition and Encapsulation – The Line and Point Class

Points and Lines ( Here is the Image's Link : ).

Programming Assignment #1



Please follow directions carefully.


Please use Visual Studio 2017 to complete assignment. It is free to download.


Guranteed A on the assignment.


Need complete and upload by Friday March 24, 2017 by 11:45pm EST.



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