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Complete and submit Programming Exercise #8 listed on Page 97 of your textbook. The textbook page 97 Exercise #8 is attached in jpg format. Use of C compiler and submission of compiled version of your C program is required to receive credits.


Submit a screenshot of the executed program and the code of the program.


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C3 tutorials

C4, C5 tutorials and review excercise.


It is often helpful to research a Vendor and their products before contacting the company. (when you contact the company, you often are inundated by sales calls). Your assignment this week is to gather information on a provider of security/privacy products and write a short recommendation document. Include in your report:


Create a resource list to use to learn about the most current security attacks. You may use resources you have learned about in this course and in your text  (pg 121) as a start to your list of online sites, but don't forget to include people, user groups, networking resources too.

Modern Computer Architecture - Multithreading

write 500+ words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.


Explain the concept of threads and multithreads to students. On white board jot down following points:



In this unit, you will see information about laws that have been passed several years ago, but you may not see all of the updates and changes that government makes.


Media loves to tell the horror stories of disasters after security breaches. IS professionals must pro-actively plan countermeasures and continually study and learn from past events. Select a past news story of  a failure caused by one of these events to provide an analysis of the failed system using some of the countermeasures you have learned in this unit.


Given the following list of end-user policy violations and security breaches, select three breaches and identify strategies to control and monitor each event to mitigate risk and minimize exposure. Define an auditing plan which includes:


Part 1: Create a list of concerns a security professional needs to ask/address in each of the eight steps of the System Life Cycle.

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