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Corporate Network Diagram

Propose a network infrastructure topology for your corporation. Using the corporate profile, build a network diagram that utilizes xyz devices as appropriate. Be sure to include a DMZ for your outward-facing servers. your corporate network diagram to include branch offices and remote sites.  If your company only has one site, you must assume that at least one executive insists on operating a home office.

Short paper 4-1

  1. Need short paper with citation 


Using your chosen final project scenario, create a list of stakeholder requirements.

Michelle Lewis


GlobalComm has hired you as an offensive security consultant. You have been

tasked with writing a penetrating test report against the standard image used for

desktops throughout the network. The Win7 VM is a representation of a typical

workstation that would be issued to an end user.

Rules of engagement

• The only computer that should targeted is Win-7

• Students must of preformed the lab preparation assignment before


Tasks and expectations

• Show proficiency of client-side attacks and techniques

you will need to know how to use -> vm ->

you will need this -> no i do not have a digital copie of them so do not ask!!



Course Textbook

Engebretson, P. (2013). The basics of hacking and penetration testing: Ethical hacking and penetration testing made easy(2nd ed.). Waltham, MA: Elsevier.

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