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Assembly Language experts please

 I need an expert to help me with Assembly Language Assignment.

The due date is three days 

It has also Extra Credit question that is attached to it that is important.

java Program

Part 1--Multithreading


Part 2--State Pattern with Threads

Short paper with two pages

Search the Internet to find two tutorials on virtual memory as it is used in modern workstations, servers, or mobile devices. The tutorials could be in written form or videos similar to the Messer (2012) video included in this module’s instructional resources.

Write a short paper comparing the tutorials you identified. Explain which tutorial you preferred based upon how it helped you answer the following questions:

extra credit

Modify the index.html file to include:

1. A different picture of your choice

2. Welcome text of your choice

CMIT 495 Project implementation


I need Security Policies and Technologies implemention plan for my group project


This is 10 points assignment



""Methodology Mind-Set and Management Processes"  Please respond to the following:


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