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answer the following questions 3,8,12,15,18

answer the selected questions needs to be 2 pages ling. the attatchment has the questions 


CIS assign 4

Assignment 4: Nonfunctional Properties, Version Control, and Applied Architectures and Styles
Assume that you are still designing the online course management system that you worked on in previous assignments.

Computer Architecture, read it first please

Computer Architecture

1) c = (a + b) /a

    d = b*(a + b) / a * c

    e = a* (c + d)

Write the assembly to do the following statements for each of the following architectures. Use the least number of instructions. Reuse register when you can. Do not use addressing modes. Use Load r1, a or add a,b,c

(0,2) GPR

(0,3) GPR

(1,2) GPR

(3,3) GPR

2) We have data stored in memory location 0x3aa, 0x3bb and 0x3cc. How do we perform the following operation multiply 0x3aa by 0x3bb and store into 0x3cc

Visual Basic Beginning

Please help me with this program, and also please include an exit button



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