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Assignment 1: Discussion Assignment

The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this module based on the course competencies covered.

Future of Business Intelligence

 how Business Intelligence is constantly changing due to new and exciting technology such as improvements in artificial intelligence and automated decision support systems.

research paper

The objective of paper is to share, with the Instructor and your group, the experience, and knowledge gained during this course and project. 


unit 8 computer homework

Unit VIII Homework For this homework assignment, complete the following projects, which involve navigating within Microsoft Access and using several of the fundamental features. Complete Project 1-3: Creating a customer database using a template on page 858. Follow the instructions, and save the database as Customer Contacts. Complete Project 1-4: Creating a new database and adding tables on page 858. Follow the instructions, and save the database as Project X. Complete Project 2-1: Creating a new table in Design view on page 876.


final answer

NIST 800-82 is a guide to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, which SCADA falls under. Select one control, identify whether the control falls under Management, Operational or  Technical Controls and explain what this control helps mitigate in a SCADA system?

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