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Summary YHOMIT

As stated in the text, "Network Forensics is the capture, recording, and analysis of network events in order to discover the source of security attacks..."


sample paper is attached please write the paper for 5pages and make sure it is in apa format ,Use textbook examples or other media, to support your claims. Be sure to cite sources where appropriate.

 choose any topic from homeland security 




Computer Programs are necessary for all systems toe work. Which type of application do you think is more complex to create and why? Application Software or System Software


250 words

2 cited sources

Create and manage tables. Write queries to solve complex information requests

Using your Week 2 IP as a starting point, extend the design to accommodate degree programs. The new design should incorporate the following functionalities:


A degree has a name and description.

What degree is the student working towards? A student can only work on one degree at a time.

What classes are necessary to obtain a specific degree?

Provide the DDL script to add the tables for the new design changes. Include an updated diagram that shows all the tables in the system.


Wireless Communications Quiz - 28 Multiple Choice Questions and 7 Essay Questions

This needs to be completed in 3 hours once handshake is made and questions are posted.


Python help

Need to write the script. It's very easy and no need for advanced scripting. 7,8,9 need to be solved.


Discuss the similarities and the differences between database tables and database views. SEE DESCRIPTION

Discuss the similarities and the differences between database tables and database views.

Provide examples of circumstances that may require creating views.



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