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120+ word discussion (computer)

Take any MIPS instruction that you have written try to encode it yourself and then decode it.   Show your work here and explain how you came up with your encoding and decoding.   If you want to reverse engineer an instruction the MARS assembler shows you the encoding of all assembled instructions.   Use it to verify your answer.




Using netbeans and trying to get program

For this project, you will write a Java program that demonstrates exception handling. Your program will accept from the user ten values and place those numbers in an array. The numbers in the array will be added together and the result displayed to the user. The program will also perform division. The program should compare the values for elements 1 and 2 in the array and divide the larger number by the smaller number. It should compare the values for all odd/even elements and divide the larger by the smaller value.

C++ pthread program to solve a 2D maze

The objective of this assignment is to apply the concepts of threading by developing a simple C++ Posix threads program to discover the surroundings and the shortest path in a 2D maze




Python Coding-Worldseries

Attached is worldseries.txt file.Format of the file is Year,winninteam,league,games,losingteam,league


Write a menu driven program with following options:

1 - List All winning Team from AL:

2 - List All winning Team from NL:

3 - For a specific team how many times they won:

4 - For a specific team how many times they won/lose:

5 - Find the World Series Winner for a particular year

6 - Quit



shell script to develop a running game for prof Njorah

its ascript to run a game between the user and the computer

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