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Research proposal and research paper

Guidelines and Grading Scale for Research Paper

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Research paper on Host Intrusion Detection System(HIDS)

The focus of the reseach paper is Host Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS).  Computer Virus creates major headaches for most organizations, as this list of 10 worst PC virus outbreaks shows. These viruses combined have caused damages into the billions of US Dollars.  How can one protect against virus outbreaks in an organization?  What are the common causes of this problems?  How would use address this troublesome trend?

Week 3

"Security Planning" Please respond to the following:

Phase two

Phase 2: Communication plan -


In this phase, you need to create 3-5 page professional memo about your assessment of what needs to be done to meet the standards based on the National Infrastructure Protection Plan. You need to make sure that the language in the memo is clear of free of errors. You also need to be creative in presenting this information to capture the most important points from the National Infrastructure Protection Plan.

Week 5

"Mitigating Attacks" Please respond to the following:

Week 5

"Mitigating Attacks" Please respond to the following:

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