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Programming Project 4

Modeling Temperature Transfer


Java Assignment

Finish all 33 questions in the attached file.



This assignment asks you to write a program that will find a path through a maze. Your implementation should utilize what you learnt about stack. 


A+ Work

Implement the following specification of UnsortedType using a circular linked list as the implementation structure.


template <class ItemType>

struct NodeType;


/* Assumption:  ItemType is a type for which the operators

"<" and "==" are defined—either an appropriate built-in type or a class that overloads these operators. */



Assignment Number: a6

Part 1


Filename: gcd.asm

Write a MIPS assembly language program, gcd.asm,to

1. Input two positive integers from the keyboard.

2. using a gcd function in your program, compute the gcd of the two positive integers.

3. The input parameters for the gcd function should be passed in $a0 and $a1. The output parameter should come back in $v0.

A+ Work

Indent code and insert comments to document your program.  Program must be implemented and run

Sorting Youngest to Oldest


Implement a class Person with the following data members:

name (string) - name of this person

age (integer) – age of this person



Your first task in developing the application for tracking contributors is to load a list of the people who are helping the cause. Design and develop a linked list, implemented as a stack, to track all of the contributors. You will read the contributor information from a file provided; it is a comma delimited (CSV) file.


For the simple database structure below, use the following definitions for each data field in each table as well as the java model

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