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Answer the following question with at least 450 words.  

Summarize the importance of planning for an act of terrorism and how


Research on the general internet or in the University Library and find a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery article online relating to human resources (staffing), health and safety OR terrorism.


 create an original post addressing the topic(s) below


u1a3 formating word 2013

OPen the attachment. Save as Wl1-U1-A3-FutureEthics

Apply the heading 1 style to tthe titles FUTURE OF COMPUTER ETHICS and REFERENCES.

APply heading 2 style to the headings of the doc.

Apply the shaded style set.

Apply the open pargraph spacing.

Apply the Parallax theme and then change the theme fonts to Garamond.


Add 6 pts of paragraph spacing after each heading with the heading 1 and 2 styles applied in the doc.

Hang indent the paragraphs of text below REFERENCES title.


u1a2 Formatting in word 2013

Open ReturnChart attachment. Save doc and rename it as WL1-U1-A2-ReturnChart.

Select the entire doc and then make the following changes:

Apply the No spacing style% paragraph shading

Bold the following text that appears at the beginning of the 2-5th paragraphs

Average annual total return

Accuulation units:

Annual total return:

Accumulative rates:


Select the paragraph of text in the body of the doc (all paragraphs but the title) and then change the paragraph alignment to justified alignment


u1a1 fromat a web design..word 2013 help

Open the doc and then save the doc as WL1-U1-A1-Website.

Do a spell and grammar check.

Select the paragraph that begins with Make your home page work for you, through the end of the doc and apply bullet formatting.

Select and bold the first sentence of each bulleted paragraph.

Apply a single line bottom border to the doc title and apply Gold,accent 40,lighter 80% shading to the title.


Change the top,left,and right margains to 1.5 in.


Assignment for MS PowerPoint Presentation

Hi friend


I have one assignment to do for PowerPoint Presentation is due on Saturday 28.


In the link are the important points that must follow.







disscussion reply to the question asked from students minimum words count 50 each

1: Explain the importance of usability when designing a website and develop a set of recommendations for website usability.


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