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Following are terms often used in the unified communication platform. Research and pick two to three terms, and describe them to the best of your knowledge and research:

  • VoIP
  • Softphone
  • Full Duplex
  • Half Duplex
  • PBX


Module 8 Discussion*****A++ Rated Tutorial Already***** Use as a Guide Paper*****

In a test of a weight loss program, weights of 40 subjects are recorded before and after the program. Assume that the before/after weights result in r = 0.876. 

Is there sufficient evidence to support a claim of a linear correlation between before/after weights?

Java programming1

Create a UML Class Diagram for a Survey class, using the application of your choice. Suggested applications are Visio, Word, Excel or Visual Paradigm. The following are requirements of the Survey class:

1-2 page paper

a 1- to 2-page paper discussing what professional organizations you might join, and what websites you might visit that would provide insight into a career that includes responsibility for Business Systems Development

Two Discussion

All attached 


International Relations Discussion minimum 350 Words


Local Area Network Technologies minimum 300 Words

4 assign

Utilizing your comprehensive security plan outline as a guide, write the enterprise risk assessment, audit, and Cyberlaw.   Upload the assignment in Microsoft Word format for grading.


Assign 4

Instructions: Do Exercise 7 or Exercise 8 below, but not both.

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