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Data Assignment

Word count: 400 to 500


Reference Style: Harvard Referencing


Advanced Programming Languages

To verify that a string of characters belongs to a language defined by a grammar, we must create a parse tree that shows that the string can be generated by the grammar.

Consider the following grammar:

Java- Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming

Concurrency and more GUI's



tell us a little about how the two presentations relate to each other

  • tell us what you have learned about that topic from your readings

Some suggested topics:

Java- Object-Oriented and Concurrent Programming

After unzipping the  file click on the index.html to view the requirements.



Write a four-page research paper outlining the differences in browser support for Cascading Style Sheets and the Document Object Model/JavaScript between the three most widely used web browsers. Also:

Exam on Logic and Methods of Proofs

Show all work and label steps when needed!



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