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Write a program in C to record the temperature

Write a program in C to record the temperature and pressure values in a scientific experiment and store the data in two one-dimensional arrays, then identify the extreme values (Low and High Values) of pressure and temperature. The array size is 20.


A+ Work

Your term paper will be based on your course of study and the assignments are to be submitted in two assignments: an outline in Module 6 and the final in Module 7.

Lab Deliverables


Part I: Lab Deliverables (30 points):

A. Screenshots (10 points; 2 points each): Capture and paste the following five screenshots.

Give a one-sentence short description at the beginning of each screenshot.


1. A screenshot similar to (may not be exactly the same as) the illustration on page 7 step 5 of

the Lab2 Write-up.


A+ Work

Instructions: The following programming problem can be solved by a program that uses three basic tasks-Input Data, Process Data, and Output Results. To process the data, it uses loops, arrays, decisions, accumulating, counting, searching and sorting techniques. Use RAPTOR to design a suitable program to solve this problem.

Problem Statement

Assume the Scores array is parallel to the Players array (both arrays are below).

Scores array

Scores[0] = 198

Scores[1] = 486

Scores[2] = 651

Scores[3] = 185

Scores[4] = 216

A+ Work

CIS 452 Program 1


This assignment is a "warm-up" exercise.  Its purpose is to gain experience with interpreting man pages, with reading and understanding function prototypes, with using system calls and C library functions, and with using UNIX programming utilities and development tools.  To help with this process you will develop a small program that uses the termios library. 




Design a Web application for a cruise reservation application using the options shown in Figure 7-78.  Write the code that will execute according to the program requirements shown in Figure 7-79 and the Use Case Definition document shown in Figure 7-80.  Before writing the code, create an event-planning document for each event in the program.  The completed Web page is shown in Figure 7-81.


A+ Work

Design a program that asks user enter the amount he/she has budgeted for a month. And then use a loop to prompt the user enter each of his/her expenses for the month, and keep a running total. When the loop ends, the program should display budgeted amount, total expenses amount, and if the user is over or under budget



In this assignment, you should ask the user for four numbers (floating-point) via a JOptionPane

In this assignment, you should ask the user for four numbers (floating-point) via a JOptionPane. Once the program has obtained the four numbers, it should display the four numbers, the average, sum, and product of the numbers



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