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computer programming / needed in less than 12 hours



I want summary for ch.1 and another summary for ch.2


each one 2 pages


cp.1  page 23 / answer exercise 1 to 14

cp.2  page 100 / answer exercise 1 to 12


page 109 answer 1,2,3 


A I assignment help

·           please go through attachment for questions


Down in descrption


In this assignment, you will investigate and learn more about your own computer. Review the presentation W3 Lecture 2 as it will show you how to find the information on your computer. Review the lectures for Week 3 as they will show you how to find the information on your computer.


Hi please see attache and read it carefully.

due date: October 2, 2016

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Discussion Question


Some classes are predefined, and their methods are designed to perform specific commonly encountered tasks.


Discuss the following questions with your classmates:


  • When should we use user-defined methods?
  • When should we use predefined methods?

Lab Work

In the following exercises, you will discuss reference variables, identify items of a program fragment, and modify and write a program.

Complete the following exercises from your textbook:

engineering programming (eng2230)

I need this now please accurate answers and must be high rated 


Problem #1

Write a program that asks the user to input the number of miles and convert the miles to kilometers, and then print the output to the screen. (Recall that 1 mi = 1.6093440 km.)

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