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CMIS420 – Advanced Relational Database

PROJECT 1 – Advance SQL



Using the knowledge garnered thus far, please solve all of the below problems.  Please run the attached SQL script file at the SQL*PLUS prompt.  This script will create all the tables and other objects needed to solve the questions in Part I, and populate the tables with sample data.



Pseudocodes and flowchart-Computer expert to finish this in less than 1 hour

Pseudocodes and flowchart

XYZ company employees work for 8 hours a day and 40 hours in a week.

The employees are paid overtime at the rate of half of the salary.

Employees who get more than 15000 must pay a supplementary tax of 25%


1. Come up with variables plausible.

Hands-On Project - Enigma

You can find the assignment instructions attached in the materials files with the name (Hands-On Project - Enigma® Machine Simulator).



- 3 pages

- 3 references

- APA format

- APA citation

Denial of Service

You can find the assignment instructions attached in the materials files with the name (Denial of Service, Data Protection, and Attack Mitigation).



- 3 pages

- 3 references

- APA format

- APA citation

- Two citations for every paragraph.


Please see attached file for answers

use the program on pp. 368 of the text as a starting point for this assignment.


Modify the program in the following ways:

•Add a third box to the calculation.

•Calculate length (L), width (W), and height (H) for the third box.

•Calculate the total volume for all three boxes in question.


Answer the following questions in your own words after making the required modifications to the program:

A+ Work


Indent code and insert comments to document your program.  Program must be implemented and run as instructed.

Source file and executable are placed in a folder. 



A+ Work

write a program that reads numbers from cin and then sums them, stopping when 0 has been entered. Construct three versions of this program, using the while ,do - while , and for loops. Add the following to your program: A counter within the while loop

A+ Work

write an MDI project that is a simple text editor. Allow the user to open multiple documents, each in a separate child form. For the text editor, use one big textbox control with its multiline property set to True or a Rich-TextBox control. Set the control’s Anchor property to all for edges so the control fills its form.

The User should be able to load and save a file in each form. Use the file handling and display the name of the file in a form’s title bar


A+ Work




Assignment Number: a2

Filename: ctof.asm

f = (9*c)/5 + 32

Write a MIPS assembly language program, ctof.asm, to 

input a Celsius temperature from the keyboard and

compute and print the equivalent Fahrenheit temperature. 


Sample I/O.

Input Celsius temperature: 0

Fahrenheit = 32

Input Celsius temperature: 40

Fahrenheit = 104

Input Celsius temperature: -10 

Fahrenheit = 14


A+ Work


As has been outlined there are three specific groups who would be considered the core demographic for the users of this site.


Sue Smith

Age: 35 years old

Gender: Female

Location: Vancouver, BC

Education: Degree in Accounting

Occupation: Self-employed Financial Consultant

IT Skill: Good


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