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C++ Card Game ( with Stack and LinkedList)


The rules for the game can be found in the word doc. All necessary files have already been created. (Do not add more files) 


You will be making a crazy eights card game with implementation of stack and LinkedList. 


All but one of the header files are already done, as well as some .cpp files. 

There are around 6 .cpp files that need to be done. 

The program must run and follow the rules. 




Genesis to Revelation Paper

 This paper should reflect the experiences with revelation to genesis of products you have owned or used. Example3 phone, computer. 

CIS255 Assignment

Assignment 2: Composing and Using Regular Expressions



Regular expressions became popular with the introduction of the UNIX operating system in 1960s and its text processing tools such as grep and ed.


Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:


1.Define regular expressions and explain their purpose. 

2.Provide at least three (3) examples which demonstrate the way regular expressions work. 


“When to Script?"  Please respond to the following:


•Scripts can be great tools. Describe one task where it would be suitable / efficient to use a script and another task where it might not be. Provide a rationale for your response.

•Give one (1) example of a situation where the use of a regular expression is not appropriate and explain why it is not appropriate.



"Network Security"  Please respond to the following:


•As a corporate network administrator the industry standard suggests your job is to maintain the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of all network resources. Choose an attack that affects one (1) of the three (3) areas in question. Describe the attack, and provide one (1) example that illustrates the primary manner in which such an attack could damage a company. Suggest at least one (1) strategy that a company can use in order to protect itself against the identified attack.

CIS 273 Lab Assignment 8 Adding Sound

Due Week 8 and worth 40 points
Deliverable: One (1) Web page including supporting files (.jpg and .mp3)
Complete the weekly lab based on the following:


Please follow directions and details provided in email concerning all assignments and discussions

Ethics & professional practice-Discuss and write about following topics (1000 words-250 words for each topic)

Ethics & professional practice-Discuss and write about following topics (1000 words-250 words for each topic) 



Discuss and write about following topics (1000 words-250 words for each topic)


1) Professionalism and information and communication technology, Professional responsibility; System development and ethics.


2) Privacy, Intellectual property in cyberspace.


3) Digital divide and cyber ethics, Computers and work.


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