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CMIS 141 Homework 3

(25 points) Create your own Java class that represents your favorite musical instrument. Your musical instrument class should have at least 3 constants, 5 private data fields, getters and setters for each private data field, a toString() method, and three additional methods of your choice. Create a test class that constructs at least 5 of your musical instrument objects. For each of the objects constructed demonstrate the use of each of the methods. Be sure to use your IDE to accomplish this assignment. You can pick any instrument you want.


bagel practice app

The computer game Bagels was created by Resek and Rowe from the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley, California. In the game of Bagels, you must guess the number that the computer is thinking of.


Methodologies, Malware, Identity Theft or Fraud, and Cyber Terrorism

Due tomorrow...

 Personal and Corporate Computer Security Awareness and Countermeasures

Continuing with your efforts to educate CSII employees, you now need to provide them with the most current information about personal and corporate computer security awareness and countermeasures.

favorite movie list

Using Bootstrap, create a page that enables you to enter a list of your favorite movies. For example, you can enter the list "Star Wars", "King Kong", "Memento", or any movie that you want.

Ensure that you satisfy the following requirements:

p 9

Write a program that initializes an array with ten random integers and then prints four lines of output, containing

• Every element at an even index.
• Every even element.
• All elements in reverse order.
• Only the first and last element

Benefits of Unified Communication Platform ****due today***** 8 hrs or less

Based on what you have learned about using unified communication platforms in a collaborative environment, create a 5-slide presentation to a department head or the CEO of a company to convince the audience that this would benefit their business.


Compare Different Unified Communication Platforms ***DUE TODAY**** 6 HOURS OR LESS

Based on your Week Two Learning Team Collaborative discussion, submit, individually, a comparison of the different kinds of unified communication platforms, their features and functionality, based on the five criteria.


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