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Respond to Forum Homework

Due tomorrow atleast by 2100 Central Time.


Respond to 1 forum at least 150 words.




This is for a Windows Phone 8 Development class. I need about 150 - 200 words per question. Due Sunday by 8pm EST.

Analysis and Design Assignment

Don't Message me if you can not DO IT.


Failed and need to redo.


I've attached everything.


It is due in 20 hours.

do MS power point presentation summering my 3 research papers ?



Need to do MS Power point presentaion using below three research papers by summerising them 


AS prof. Said 


 summarize my 3 research paper assignments in  presentation

Rstudio software


Each project will be somewhat different. However, the expected deliverables should minimally include the following. First, submit a Word file that has the following sections.

I. Known: Describe what you know about your (in a bulleted format). This includes the dataset used.

Software Engineering

SE Project ...Pls follow the instructions 


1. Pick one of the preceding cases and create an argument on behalf of the employee.

Read below case study and answer the above Question in 2 pages


need APA 


100 %  good grammar

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