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Literature Review and Proposal:

Literature Review and Proposal: (one paper (two parts) with Title page, Table of Contents, and References)



Ihave an assignment that is due Monday. It is a fill in the information worksheet.

current event.

Current Events: Current Event assignments are designed to give the student an opportunity to critically examine contemporary Homeland Security issues. Students are challenged to find news articles, press releases, industry announcements, etc. that impact some aspect of Homeland Security. National and international events may be used.

answer the quiz questions below.

1. What are the major issues that the U.S. government is facing in protecting its borders from illegal immigration and its citizens from domestic and foreign terrorist attacks? How have those issues been addressed? 

Please answer the following 5 questions.

  1. In what possible ways can an IT auditor collect audit evidence in order to express opinions?
  2. List three (3) different techniques for project scheduling.
  3. What are computer-assisted audit solutions?
  4. How do you develop a link of business intelligence and competitive strategies with corporate strategy?
  5. Does business process engineering provide any source of motivation to organizations?

Ethics in Information Technology

Paper A: Application of a decision making framework to an IT-related ethical issue.

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