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c6a45 fax web page word 13

At the New backstage area,search for fax,download the fax (equity theme )template and then insert the following info to the fields:


To: Frank Gallagher


Fax: (206) 555-9010


Phone: (206)555-9005

Date: November.22,2015

Re: Consultation Agreement

CC: Jolene Yin

Insert an X For Review box

Comments: Please review the Consultation Agreement and advise me of any legal issues.

Save and name WL1-c6-A4-Fax







c6a23 envelopes labels

At a blank doc create a envelope with the following text:


From: Dr. Roseanne Holt

21330 Cedar Dr

Logan Ut 84598


(to) Gene Mietzner

4559 Corrin Ave

Smithfield UT 84521


Save the doc and name it WL1_c6-A2-Env




Create mailing labels with names and addresses

Use a label option of your choosing

c6a1 managing docs in word 2013

Display the open dialog box with WL1C6 on your storage medium the active folder.

Create a new folder named Checking Tools.

Copy all docs that begin with spellgrammar into the checking tools folder.

With the checkingtools folder as the active folder, rename Spellgrammar01 to Technology. Rename Spellgrammar02 to Software.

Display the open dialog box and make WL1C6 on your storage mediu the active folder.

Delete the chcing tools folder and all docs contained within it.

Open the staffmtg,agreement,and robots docs


Click the link above to submit this assignment.

Students, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" video in the Student Center.


Assignment Instructions




Recent news about the NSA secret recording program sparked world-wide attention.  Has the US started conducting offensive cyberw


check the file i uploaded.


Answer the following question with at least 450 words.  

Summarize the importance of planning for an act of terrorism and how


Research on the general internet or in the University Library and find a Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery article online relating to human resources (staffing), health and safety OR terrorism.
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