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Database Admin Job Aid pt4 - Aroka or The grAde only

Your submission should also include the following critical elements:

  • Recommend methods for ensuring scalability of the database
  • Identify user groups and how to locate information
  • Demonstrate how to add and remove users and groups
  • Assign database permissions to users in groups


The submission should reflect a solid understanding of the needs and qualities of a database environment. 

SDLC to formulate a life cycle management report

use the components of the SDLC to formulate a life cycle management report to the cloud computing architect of a company. This is a exercise, representing the kind of required in the cybersecurity technology community. The report will include data protection techniques for a cloud-based service. It should be like 8- 10 pages max.

For Kim Woods Only

Assignment 4: Diversity of Approaches

Due Week 9 and worth 150 points

According to the textbook, there are at least two (2) approaches to the SDLC, two (2) approaches to software construction and modeling, and many techniques and models. The following could be possible reasons for such a diversity of approaches:

For Kim Woods Only

"In Memory Databases (IMDB)"  Please respond to the following:

for kim woods only

New Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System"  Please respond to the following:

STP Implementation

Write a 2- to 3-page proposal using Microsoft® Word describing how you would implement the configuration. Include the following:

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