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Is this the process you used to do assignment. 


computer science HW



attached is the home work


please put every thing asked for in word file


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SQL work

SQL Homework...  Will require SQL Server but it can be downloaded for free below


I have alot more of these... I'd like to find someone who does good work that i can give all of these assignments to.


you may also need this database



SQL Assignment

Murach Pg. 522 (Chapter 16) Exercise 1-3


below is a link to the text book


database link 


I need to hand Draw the binary search tree that would result from adding elements containing these keys (in this order): 14, 45, 28, 49, 69, 12, 84, 76, 31. in short order 

***Professor Anthony Only***

please see attached for all instructions.  And let me know if you have any questions. 



***Professor Anthony Only***

The readings this week raise issues that are direct or indirect effects of the use of information technology:

a) the digital divide

b) online addictions

c) online media – fact or fiction

d) accessible information technology for persons with disabilities

Choose one of the topics to explore. Do some additional research on the topic. And cite your sources. Please do NOT make Wikipedia your primary source. You may use it, but there should be other reputable sources included first.

When you post your response, put the chosen topic in the subject line.

WSDL and PHP exercise.The exercise is split in 2 parts:

WSDL and PHP exercise.The exercise is split in 2 parts:

Part 1For the Hand-in Assignment for this week, please create a Web service using PHP. This should be similar to the examples provided in the Lecture Notes (see attachment).


"Single versus Parallel Arrays"  Please respond to the following:

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