Chemistry homework help

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Pre Chemistry HW



I attached a homework down and I tried to slove it but I'm sure that there are some mistakes 


I want someone to correct them and make sure there are no mistakes at all. 



For prof OMN



I need 1 page about How gas is pressurized and how gas is projected from aerosol cans. I need just a page from scholarly sources only. You said in chat you can do it in 2 hours. If you can have it better but 3-4 hours that is fine but need it fast. 


font 12 new times roman double spaced 

1 paage 

CHM lab write the Introduction

follwo the lab manual and do only the introduction part at the end to put it in lab report 

i have chemistry problems

i have chimistry problems thro owl 

Help with assignment.


I need help with general chemistry 2 assignment. With showing your work.

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