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Chemistry Aleks

 I need help in my Aleks Chemistry homework. I can send you a login/password. Please let me know if you can help. ( 9 topics due in 6 hours)

A Vinaigrette Emulsion

While oils and water (or vinegar, which is largely water) don’t mix, it would be useful if they could for the preparation of foods such as salad dressings. You would not want to have one bite of your dinner salad soaked with oil and the next straight vinegar.  A mixture of a quality oil (olive) and red wine vinegar, often flavored with herbs and spices, make up the classic salad dressing known as vinaigrette and will provide a place where we can experiment. 


Module 4...

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Need I help in doing chemical engineering HW

Need I help in doing chemical engineering HW calss called "Mass and energy balances" Due in 7 hours

please I need a chemical enginering student who well known these problems.


Prof Dan.

Chemistry 300 words and 200 words.

1. For the following binary compounds:

Midterm Exam 2. Practice problems.



1. For the following binary compounds:


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