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Can anyone help me with an organic chem lab "spectral analysis of Unknowns"

Hey, I have an Organic Chemistry lab report, all the observations are attached, in the lb that i i have attached. The first paper that i have attached is an example format that i need to hand in the report as. Also everything is attached in order to complete the lab. The example format is the format i need the report. Also the there are two unknowns given 98A for solid and 98B for liquid. The unknowns are needed to be identified through the graphs. Also the melting point of a sold is given and the boling point of a liquid.

Spectral Analysis of an Unknown

An unknown solid (100A) and an unknown liquid (100 B) was given to identify the empirical formula, the molecular formula, the name of the compound, the structure, and a NMR and IR rationale using all the information. I have attached below a report sheet of the solid that has the melting point filled, a report sheet of the liquid that has the boiling point filled in and the index of refraction value. Also an exmple model of the format of the report sheets, a guide of characteristics of proton chemical shift and characteristics of infrared absorption frequency and NMR graphs.

Chem 102

Select 3 polymers from different chemical classes from the table at the link below, or select a polymer of your own choice which has and important economic use.

Research these three polymers and discuss the following:

Chem 102

Based on the data on the table found at the link below, estimate the order and splitting of the molecular orbitals and draw an energy diagram for each of the complexes. The actual energy difference is not important. However, clearly show which energy gaps are larger or smaller based on the color of the complex.


Electrochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry

You will design and perform two virtual lab experiments for this Case assignment using the ChemCollective website provided by the National Science Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University. Then continue to the Amrita Virtual Lab website to complete the third laboratory exercise.


You must have the most current versions of Java and Quicktime in order to use this virtual laboratory!


worksheet about material science.

First analyze the data I took in class using the excel template provided.

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