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11 Grade Chemistry

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11 Grade Chemistry MOST DUE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chemistry Question

13. What is the fewest number of carbon atoms that must be present for an alkene with one double bond to be able to exist as geometric isomers?


a. 2

b. 3

c. 4

d. 5

e. 6 

Choose an commercially important organic compound to write a detailed paper on.

Full synthetic route for preparing the chosen compund including all steps, reagents, intermediates products, and yeild for each step.

chemical structure must be drawn on the computer

Give IUPAC names where appropriate

Discususion of physical/chemical properties


Nucleophilic/ electrophilic sites


Intermolecular/ intamolecular forces

Label functional groups 

Detailed discusion of interesting physical properties 

Discusion of the use of the compound 

4-5 Hours. Urgent Revision Work

4-5 hours time only. Revision work required. Easy English please. Make some gramatical mistakes so that I am not caught. Use very simple English. The assignment was graded 40/100. I need a better score. find the attachment 

3 Assignments Need it in a day - No plagiarism

BackGround : Each student has volunteered a minimum of twelve (12) hours of service in a minimum of two separate site visits. THis servich is at Habitat for Humanity or other site approved by the instructor.

CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)

Write 1 page about CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service)


100 percent originality required. Paper ASAP Required

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