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Chemistry Quiz. (Polarity + Acids and Energy)

I need to get full points on these 2 chemistry take home quizzes !!!


Please contact me ONLY if you are Chemistry expert and can assure to answer all the questions correctly... 


Assignment 2: Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation 

Due Week 9 and worth 160 points

Unit 6 case study

Unit VI Case Study

The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply the concepts and information you learned in this unit about combustion products. Also, this assignment provides you with the opportunity to use your skills, expertise, and experience to enrich your response.

The case study is the “Administrative Report Public Health Service/CDC/NIOSH/DSR FACE 98-03.” Locate the report by going to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention website and typing the report information in the search engine.

must complete tomorrow

The Purpose of this Assignment

Submission of an ePortfolio is required for this class.

Your Signature Assignment should address topics of personal interest, societal concerns, local, or even global issues, from your new found perspective as a student of chemistry using the knowledge and tools you've gained in this class.


   i need five pages of research pspers!!

needed in the papers

1- from how it's made

2- how it's made

3- why we use it and what we use it for

4- benefits and non-benefits of the iron


what ineed for this research paper is all about the iron.

Sodium Hydroxide


About Sodium Hydroxide:


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