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chemistry questions 102.

There are the questions in the images; I need help with solving questions 16 to 36. 



1) What was the original environment like on Easter Island?  How do we know what it was like?


2) What did the diet of ancient Easter Islanders consist of?  How was this different than the typical Polynesian diet?


3) How and why did the environment of Easter Island begin to deteriorate?  As the environment became less productive what previously unimportant food resource became more and more important for the Easter Islanders? 



just few quetions , open the docement,


a- find the compostion of natural gas

use the computer to draw the chemical structure of the following :


1- methane

2- formaldehyde

3- urea

4-acetic acid



Chemistry quiz

Please get the correct answer and process how you get the answer. 

10 Chemistry Questions


I need someone to solve these 10 chemistry questions correctly.

I've attached the file , and I need it to be on time please.

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