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Unit 4 research paper

Unit IV Research Paper Topic


With this assignment, you will begin working on your research paper, which will be due in Unit VIII. See Unit VIII assignment instructions for more details about the final requirements for the Research Paper.


Unit 3 project

Unit III Project


For this assignment, conduct research on modern fires and legacy fires.

From your research and from concepts in the textbook, compare and contrast a modern fire and a legacy fire. Search for videos of each type of fire. Include in your discussion a response to the following questions in regard to both the modern and legacy fire.


Case One

Complete your first virtual laboratory assignment using ChemCollective’s interactive lab on Cobalt Chloride and LeChatelier’s Principle at

Read the problem description for this experiment.

16 question

answer the question 


Chemistry Lab Report: Periodic Properties of Elements

This is a general chemistry lab report. 


- I have attached all the pages you need from the lab manual ( Experiment #8 page 1 to Experiment #8 page 3)


- I have attached the observations I took from my lab ( Result 1 to Result 3)


Environmental Chemistry

an Environmental Chemistry homework  i need an expert to do it if you do not have reviews plz donot talk to me thanks 

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