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5. (20 pts) Isotope dilution is a mass spectrometric technique in which a known amount of an unusual isotope (called the spike) is added to an unknown as an internal standard for quantitative analysis. The ratio of the isotopes is measured and from this ratio the quantity of the element in the original unknown can be calculated. For example, natural vanadium atom fractions 51V = 0.9975 and 50V = 0.0025. The atomic fraction is defined as: atom fraction of 51V = atoms 51V/(atoms 51V + atoms 50 V) A spike enriched in 50 V has atom fractions 51V = 0.6391 and 50V = 0.3609.


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Discussion 1 wk3

Humans have engaged in psychoactive drug use, sometimes in formal (ceremonial) settings and sometimes recreationally, since before recorded history. It has only been in the last century or so that abuse and addiction have become large-scale problems.

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