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improved sucrose inversion

Improve production costs and efficiencies for converting sucrose to glucose and fructose. 


Based on the data on the table found at the link below, estimate the order and splitting of the molecular orbitals and draw an energy diagram for each of the complexes. The actual energy difference is not important. However, clearly show which energy gaps are larger or smaller based on the color of the complex.


Case 4

You will design and perform two virtual lab experiments for this Case assignment using the ChemCollective website provided by the National Science Foundation and Carnegie Mellon University. Then continue to the Amrita Virtual Lab website to complete the third laboratory exercise.


You must have the most current versions of Java and Quicktime in order to use this virtual laboratory!



Read the article titled “Triprotic Acid Titration with Strong Base” at this link:


For oxalic acid (HOOCCOOH) and citric acid (C3H4OH(COOH)3), plot a fraction of species vs pH curve, and create a pH vs volume curve, assuming that the titrant is a 1.00M NaOH solution. What indicators should be used for each endpoint?


Case 2

You will accomplish several acid-base titration exercises to complete this Case Assignment at the following Virtual Laboratory website:

Strong acid versus strong base titration and weak acid versus strong base titration

First read the following article about pH indicators:

chemistry 100 chapter quiz

6 simple quizzes due nov30 topic chemistry 

College chemistry 2 (1046)

I have a chemistry test on wednesday on Electrochemistry and nuclear reactions that i need help with! The test is 20 questions and i need help while taking the test. The test is one hour long. I can take a picture and send it. Willing to pay no more then $20

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