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Temperature and Time Content Discussion- discuss this point of view

An example for a “low and slow” cooking method is a roast. I make roast, potatoes and carrots in the crockpot often with a busy household. The tough cut of meat needs to maintain its moisture and needs to cook on a low heat to maintain flavor and tenderness.

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hello I need someone to write me an opinion concerning man-mad chemical. Here are the instructions by the doctor:





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i have a chemistry exam in the following subjects 

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·         Ideal gas law

Chemestry homework

answer all the questions 


Which of the following is an application of osmotic pressure?


Which of the following is an application of osmotic pressure?

salting meats for preservation

mixing water and ethylene glycol in antifreeze

pressurizing beverages with carbon dioxide

salting icy roads

using a pressure cooker to increase the boiling point of water


Hess’ Law

Hess’ Law

Peter Jeschofnig, Ph.D.

CHEM 111


Written Assignment 10: Nuclear Reactions


Answer all assigned questions and problems, and show all work.


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