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CHM lab report help

I need help with writing an introduction for the lab report.


* All equation need to be written.

*Follow the intructions in Scan_2.jpeg please.

*2 ACS Citation required.


Thank you




Please give me a good price on these i just paid for the problems i already had done. answer only these thank you


week 6 chemistry homework

only 6 problems many $3.00 i have other being posted please help on a budget


Looking for someonet to write an introduction and Theory about the  centrifugal PUMPS IN A PIPING NETWORK

it should be 4 pages at leaset.

Also, Please include the equations in the theory part.


please find the attached file

CHM Lab report

 Hi, I just need you to write one part of the report, which are (Procedure) ONLY, this procedure has 2 parts one for NH4Cl (Amoniuim Chloride) and one for CaCl2 (Calcium Chloride). 

Chemistry Q's (2@400W)

1) A garage that specializes in foreign cars had a small magnesium fire when a car part was ignited. The mechanic knew from his training that he should not use water but could use a dry powder like a sodium chloride based fire extinguishing powder (MET-L-X) or a graphite based (LITH-X). He knows that the CO2 extinguishing powder is not a good choice.

Environmental Chemistry

I need help with environmental chemistry its kinda hard so I will not let you do it unless I check your reviews and you have helped students in chemistry.






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