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Chemistry; calculating the concentration & moles of solutions.

Just a coupe of uni level chem questions! If you have any issues especially in the second one, read the uploaded document to get an idea.


Question 1 – iodine solution standardisation:

a) Calculate the mean (average) volume of the titre values you have chosen. Justify any exclusions you have made. [Average is found to be: 0.74 Litres]

b) What is the number of moles of Vitamin C present in the 25.00mL you pipette into each conical flask?


Just do the circled ones and plus: Give an example of a continuing chemical chain reaction (use free radicals)


Chemistry (Analyzing a research article / Multiple choice questions )

You need to use the PDF Article to answer the Word document (Attached)

I need it at 10:00 AM

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