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 9.What is the mass of 3.06 x 10^22 molecules of CO2?

  • A.135g CO2
  • B. 2.24g CO2
  • C. 14.4g CO2
  • D. 866g CO2 

10. What is the mass in grams of 2.00 x 10^23molecules of F2 (Hint: Molecules-moles-mass)

  • A. 126g F2
  • B. 12.6g F2
  • C. 38g F2
  • D. 3.54 g F2

11.How many moles are in 98.3 grams of aluminum hydroxide, Al(OH)3?

due in 2 hours

due in two hours....  see attachement please read all.


reserch paper on Gas chromatography

this is a 10 pages research paper that should include an introduction  on chromatography, principles of separation, type of columns, resolution, detection methods and applications about gas chromatography. No plagiarism

Project Mgmt homework help

This assignment is exactly like assignment 3 from week 8, except for the company doing the project. Instructions are attached.

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