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Introduction to methodologies

My Topic: Employment opportunities as an Oracle App Developer.

Research Purpose: The main purpose of this project is to obtain knowledge and training requirements needed for employment as an Oracle App Developer.

lab report discussion

I uploaded the lab notes. I just need a paragraph for the procedure (how the experiment was performed using the data) and another paragraph for a discussion (interpreting the result. what was right and what wend wrong and why it might have gone wrong). I also need one works cited

Homeland Security Events

Current Events: Current Event assignments are designed to give the student an opportunity to critically examine contemporary Homeland Security issues. Students are challenged to find news articles, press releases, industry announcements, etc. that impact some aspect of Homeland Security. National and international events may be used.


a. A new piece of legislation passed, refused, or currently being debated by Congress, impacting DHS.

Chemistry 1111 homework

I need someone to do my chemistry homework that is due tomorrow, It has 15 question


please check instruction file carefully and lemme know if you can complete it perfect ?

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