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unit iv

Discuss the Fire Codes and/or Regulations regarding flammable materials being attached to the walls in an educational occupancy such as a Pre-School, Elementary, Middle, and High School. Cite the specific State or Local regulations that are applicable to this condition.


The element titanium occurs on earth as titanium (IV) oxide and is found mostly in the mineral called rutile. Rutile is abundant in beach sands in Australia and South Africa. For titanium to be useful, rutile has to be processed to obtain the basic metal form of titanium. Although the process is costly, titanium is gaining popularity as a material for various equipment due to its strength and light weight. One such application is in sports equipment.

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Titration Lab-Finding Ka

In this lab you will use an online titration simulation to determine the Ka of two hypothetical weak acids.

Step 1: Plan your Lab

chemistry lab

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