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Assignment 04


BU460 Electronic Commerce


Chemistry: Equilibrium and LeChatelier's principle

These are practical questions to be done in lab, for writing a solution/calculation with no values/experimental results please make an educated guess because the prac is yet to be done. For the other questions please try to be as specific as possible. Read the document I uploaded (it has procedures and other useful material). Cheers.


Question 1

a) Write down the overall equation showing the formation of [Fe(acac)3] from [Fe(H2O)6] 3+ and acetylacetone [Fe(H2O)6] 3+(aq) + 3acacH(aq) [Fe(acac)3](aq) + 6H2O(l) +3H+ (aq).



1) Under what conditions can a good separation be achieved with a simple distillation? 



chemistry help please 

Lab 2

One plastic dinking straw 


One plastic tablecloth with rough surface or grainy surface ($1.00- Dollar General or Family Dollar) 


One small model paintbrush or soft make-up brush 


One small old ink toner cartridge from printer or copier 




Small sharp-pointed knife 


One small bottle of Elmer’s Blue Gel-Glue (clear blue in color) available at Staples or Office Depot 


Wide roll of clear Scotch tape 


Chemistry àssignments

I need to get completed 2 modules , 3 video labs and one final test of chemistry .... I am looking for a tutor having chemistry  as main subject , relaible and good rating


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