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Business Ethics 7



Learning Activity #1 -  Compare and contrast Moral Universalism (and the so-called Universal Moral Code) with Ethical Relativism. 


 Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies

E-Commerce Assignment

Your Company Business Partnerships

For this assignment, take your company from last week and look at the business partnerships you would develop to support your new adventure.

E-Commerce Discussion (150-300 words)

Sixth-Sense Technology from the TED Conference

This TED Conference video demos the Sixth-Sense Technology.

Choose either the Marketing Profile or Financial Profile

Submit a PDF or MS Word Doc.


Marketing Profile (You cannot select Apple)

Choose a branded product and identify and describe its general marketing profile.

Write dicussion and make mindmap

Forces Affecting Trading in Global Markets

What products have you bought lately that were made in a different country? What countries produced them? Did you have any difficulty accepting the fact that the product came from there? If presented with the choice, would you rather buy foreign made products with a lower price or American made products with a slightly higher price (assuming they are of the same quality)? Does any of this matter if you are a business owner? Does this matter if you work for a U.S. based company?


post wk7

When Henry Ford began revolutionizing the automobile industry with assembly line production of affordable cars for the public, the status quo for most people around the world was still transport by horse. You can just imagine the questions Henry Ford might have asked as he looked around at the status quo of the time. Perhaps he asked "What if I could mass produce a type of transportation that everyone could afford?" Ford's innovations in business process allowed him to create a series of radical changes which would help to create what we recognize today as a modern lifestyle.


nsider Trading


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