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Module 02 Course Project - Announce Topic

Module 02 Course Project - Announce Topic

 How are your two philosophers coming along? Take time to finalize your search for the two and write your faculty member a paragraph in which you announce their names and the one area of political thought for comparison. In a sentence or two, explain what draws you to this focus. Check the Course Project - Introduction page in module 02 for details about the original assignment.

Making It Work

  • Discuss your experience with creating a presentation recording.

Assignment 4: Presentation Recording

You must have access to audio/video recording equipment (a microphone/webcam, camcorder with digital file capabilities, or cell phone with a high quality camera/microphone) to complete this assignment.


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This HW for Managment Skills Class


You write it from two Perspectives

1- Steven Perspective

2- outside management perspective


I want Mrs. Hifsa to do my homework

I want Mrs Hifsa to help me with my research paper.  The paper is on the European Union (EU).  The paper should memic the same outline from the 1 page proposal paper that you helped me with last month.  highlight each section on the paper to make it easy to follow.  the paper will be in APA format, a total of 8 pages which breaks down to the heading, 6 pages of info, and last the references.  let me know if you have any questions.

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