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BSA 554 Week 10 Final Major WACC Project

Review the guidelines for instructions on completing this assignment.

Consider the following simple rules of observation to help determine the final results:

Business Communications HW

Business Communication is a very broad field. A lot of times the communication begins internally with ourselves. We learned in the course Introduction to Communication, that internal communication is called intrapersonal communication. I would like for you to read the article associated with the series Work and Money that is found in the magazine entitled, RealSimple in its April 2017 issue. 

Experimental Approach

The cases in this class follow an experiential approach. This means you will reflect on your own experience in an organization and then apply the concepts from the module materials to think critically about these experiences and understand them better. The structure of the course and the assignments follow Kolb's model of the adult learning process, which is discussed on the Module 1 Home page.

Business Communications HW

E-mail especially in business, is a very common form of communication. With that conveyed, we e-mail people all of the time. However, especially in the professional world, it is vital to e-mail messages and respond to them in a professional manner.

Power Point

Prepare an 11- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the senior management team based on the business problem or opportunity you described in Weeks 3 and 4.

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