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Journal Entry - Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Contract Performance, Breach and Remedies - Chapter 9 - Journal Entry

Do not copy answers directly from the book or cut and paste from a site on the web.

Using **any** kind of Wiki, including Wikipedia, is not appropriate.

Please do your own work, in your own words, and use proper grammar and spelling, too.

Upload your journal entry to the drop box.



Please make sure to help me the best you can. Read over the two attachment carefully and use the comment which ive posted. Use the propsal+the comment to form a final paper.

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Scenario: You have been promoted to senior level manager of a company with low employee morale and decreased productivity. You have been tasked with developing a strategic plan for the workforce to present to the CEO and other members of the leadership team. 

Choose use the same organization you used in previous week. 


Discuss response base on a reading and learning context

All the description are in the attachment. 

2 and half pages, time new romance, 12, double space, APA style.

Business management work

makes frequent use of news articles and reports based on contemporary (current) events (within 2 weeks news)

 Key topic: one or two sentences that summarize the main issue i.e., why is this news -worthy?

What are the Business ramifications?  Government ramifications? Society ramifications? Ethical ramifications? Environmental ramifications?  Political ramifications? My position on the issue.



1 page

work cited

350-400 words

MLA format

See Description

In Assignment 3: Using Leadership to Improve Ethical Performance, you will conduct an interview with someone who you consider a leader (e.g., current or former boss, a pastor or spiritual advisor, a friend who can be considered a leader, etc.).

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