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PSY 381 Module 1 Assignment 3 Challenges in Identifying Mental Disorders

Most mental disorders lie on a continuum with "normal" behavior at one end. For example, nearly everyone has a fear of something, but it does not rise to the level of a phobia. A behavior may seem abnormal in one context but completely normal in another context. These two aspects show why it can be challenging to properly identify mental disorders.

Module 4 Assignment 1: Case Study Analysis Discussion—Controlling Costs

In this assignment, you will analyze the SMH data set to identify costs associated with specific clinical product lines and measure gross profit. This is an extension of the work you did in M3: Assignment 1.

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What trends or threats are or will impact the financial environment of healthcare organizations? These may include legislative changes, lack of primary care providers, or changing demographics. How can we best prepare for the impending trends if they are continuously changing? Identify the pertinent changes that you might experience. What plan would you propose to address the changes?

Read the following and answer the 3 questions.

The stakes were high for Gene Elliot, whose on-the-job

injuries were estimated to be serious enough to merit at

least a $2.4 million settlement. But who should pay for his

injuries: Turner Construction or B&C Steel? Or should

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