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Formal Company Emails

Acting as supervisor for a company of your choice, draft two examples of formal company e-mails to employees.


The first email will be good-news message delivering information that your employees will likely view as positive.

The second email will be a bad-news email delivering information that your employees will likely view as negative.

Each email will be approximately two-three concise, professionally-written paragraphs in an appropriate tone. Post both emails in the same document.


Project Management

  1. Determine three projects in history that had the biggest impact to our society.  For each of these p


For this examination, please choose one of any manufacturing or service providing companies which you may know in order to resolve following questions.


You have been appointed security director of a privately owned three (3) location retail sales establishment that specializes in automotive parts and accessories.  All three (3) sales establishments are within a forty mile radius in a southern state.  Products sold in these stores include auto engine parts, auto fluids, auto batteries, auto accessories (floor mats, shinny things, hubcaps, etc.), auto filters, and auto electronics, as well as candy bars and automotive publications.  All three (3) locations are stand alon


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Business Letter

 Assume you are Marcia Murphy and that you received the memo shown in Figure 2.1. Read the memo carefully, and then prepare a memo that responds to it. Show your appreciation to Jason Corzo for his advice. Explain that you are both excited and worried about your new assignment. Use your imagination to tell why. Describe how you expect to prepare for the new assignment. You might say that you plan to start learning the language, to read about the culture, and to talk with col- leagues who have worked in Japan. Put this in your own words and elaborate.

BS-Discussion 3

Note: I need 500 words answer of the following discussion. Must address each question properly.

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