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Career plan

In addition to the personal goals you set in Week Three, this week you will be setting professional career goals. These are goals that relate to your chosen career, what type of job you want, and what steps you need to take to secure that job. These include gaining skills to include on your resume and a look at what hiring managers will focus on. You will do a gap analysis, where you identify the skills you currently posses and those you need to posses in your chosen career. This will help prepare you for job searches and interviews.

1500 words paper (ORIGINAL PLEASE)

paper on 3 innnovative companies( facebook, google, apple inc)

For this assignment, you will research the inn

Visual Literacy in Business

This assignment is for a Lawncare business. and needs to be in a Phamplet form. 


BUsiness 364

THEME ONE: What is the manager’s perspective of leadership? How does it differ from the leader’s perspective?  Managers focus on process, procedure, and implementation of the organization’s purpose. Their perspective is on getting the job done and keeping stability. The leader is about change and moving the people toward the vision. The area of overlap comes in terms of the need to use “soft or people skills” to get their job done yet even there a difference in perspective is seen. The manager motivates while the leader empowers.


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For your fourth essay, please write a two- to three-page (600-900 word) response to the following question:


Measuring Our Worth

Read the Decision: Point Measuring Our Worth. Page 277.

This Decision Point deals with how we measure the intrinsic value of a life in addition to the instrumental value.

The scenario discussed is that of the Ford Pinto, which involves a decision that teaches the hazards of considering only the instrumental value of a life.

Micro Economy online midterm exam

90 minutes

I can show you the practice sample.

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