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Complete 1 discussion question.

"Evolution and Philosophy of TQM" Please respond to the following:

Business Ethics paper

Choose one case from among the cases at the end of chapters 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10.  (This means you will be writing on only one case for your paper).  


Reflective journal for nyamaimule

All the content is posted in the images. The guidelines are mentioned in handwritten. the case study i given. also the questions are given.

800 words. Harvard style refernecing.

Trade Allowances

Trade allowances are a common promotional practice. The most common are slotting allowances at supermarkets. Slotting allowances are fees that supermarkets charge brands to place their products on the supermarket's shelves. Discuss and evaluate the practice of slotting at supermarkets.


Case analysis of international business

There is a case and couple questions I need  you answer it the deadline will be midnight  by eastern time 

what went wrong

Assignment 2: What Went Wrong?

Friend's Bank is seeking to hire a new teller. Darrell has applied for the position. His application states that five years ago, he was convicted for embezzlement as a teller. In the interview, Darrell reveals he spent three years in prison and is now on probation for three years. He claims that he turned his life around, became a Christian, and is a law-abiding citizen.

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