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Write a paper that discusses your own consumption practices over the last ten years. List and explain the ways that online consumption activities have replaced or modified your real world consumption activities.

The requirements below must be met for your paper to be accepted and graded:

who can do this powerpoint final project

Create a 7-9 slide PowerPoint presentation outlining the pros and cons of e-commerce. Be sure to include the following slides as part of your presentation:

350 Word Synopsis

Write a synopsis of no more than 350 words summarizing what the team has learned from the review and discussion.

only for phyllis young

Leadership PowerPoint 

The student will prepare a PowerPoint presentation  (including reference list) on a “21st century leader.”  See the list below.     The duration of the presentation should be between 10 – 12 minutes with 13-15 slides with a minimum of three (3) references in 6th edition APA format.

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