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Biological Anthropology zoo project

                         Zoo project 

INTRODUCTION: This assignment is designed to help you learn more about and 

observe in real time some of the primates we have studied in our course, in this 

case the chimpanzee. Besides your zoo visit, your final written report should 

reflect thoughtful consideration of the assigned readings. The report will be based 

on a description of the events in the chimp enclosure over period of 45 minutes 

Biology Questions

7 questions - Due by 6pm on Wed.


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Select an example of an advancement made in biotechnology (e.g. pharmacogenetics, stem cells, GMOs, de-extinction, etc.).  Describe the specific advancement and what contribution it brings to society.  For full credit, explain the promises and the risks of this technology. 


Bio reflection paper

REALLY busy because final week have to do this reflection paper. Really easy essay just follow the specific instrcutions. Ill attch the questions and the rubrics down below. 

Nutriton project on obesity

Click on the underlined Nutrition Research Project to view the project. You may want to print it out.  Your topic choice is due March 28, 2016 (submit via the topic submission link above) and the project is due May 9, 2016 and is a project grade.

Quantum biology RESEARCH

It's about quantum biology( barrier potential , tunneling ) .. after adding antibiotic to bacteria the growth will stop ... .. .. etc

Need it with equations( 5 pages) 


short answer

due by 8pm sunday 12/4


Discuss at least two mechanisms in how caloric restriction aids in increasing life span.

instructions are posted

check instructions and other uploded attachment.


due within 24 hours.

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