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Biology final paper

Final Paper Requirements 

• Title and Authors

– short and meaningful 

• Abstract

– do this part last!

– summarize your paper – 6 sentences maximum 

• Introduction

– introduce your topic (use citations)

– include your null and alternative hypotheses 

• Methods

– use your own words

– past-tense

– paragraph form

– give alpha (P) value and df 


– use paragraphs to explain your results – include labeled tables and figures

Biology Discussion Board Q's

8 Questions a Paragraph for each questions:


1)  Why is it SO hard to talk about sex? Since SEX is such a Taboo subject, some individuals may be participating in risky behavior without understanding the possible consequences or how to protect themselves and their partner. Should appropriate sex-talk destigmatized?? What do you think??


discussion question

This question is due later today by 6:00pm EST.  If cannot deliver by then, please do not send handshake. 


in 100-150 words, Water is essential to life. Briefly discuss three (3) properties of water then explain what is meant by the structure of water accounting for each of its properties. Next choose one (1) of the properties of water below and explain two (2) ways the property can be useful for living systems.

The Use of Sweeteners and the Rise in Obesity

The Use of Sweeteners and the Rise in Obesity


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