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Phd isaac newton

The effects hazardous material on the environment

Petroleum Distillates and Sodium Sulfate


write a 200 word essay on climate change on TWO new and exciting things that you just learned. Include any additional references if applicable.


please see attached. 


Cultural Anthropology Homework

I need this dicussion post done as it is posted. Here are the questions:

 How can anthropology be applied to everyday life? How has anthropology influence you?

Choose two ways anthropologist are working outside of an academic context,

-Identify which two types of nonacademic work you selected

-State why you selected these two work enivornments.( what stood out to you in context)

-Explain what anthroplogist does in each of the work enivornements you chose.

Biology Homework

Read Chapter 9( I attached Chapter 9 here)


Assignment 2: Gene Technology

Gene technology carries with it social and ethical implications—many of which engender personal views and discussion.

Week 4 Introduction to Physical Anthropology

Please provide detailed answers for the following questions 

A. In your own words describe each of the four forces of evolution, what you understand from them.

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