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GBIO 225 WEEK 1 Exam

GBIO 225 week 1 Exam

1) The ability to maintain a constant internal environment is






2) Impulses are received by nerve cells through


any process that is long enough to reach the receptor. 

an axon. 

the intervention of the neuroglia. 

numerous dendrites. 

3) Tissues come together to form

BIO questions

8. Draw/depict the phases of mitosis from prophase to the end of cytokinesis for an animal cell containing a total of six chromosomes.


9.  Draw/depict Meiosis Prophase I and Metaphase I for three pairs of chromosomes:


5. Draw a Punnett square to show how sex is determined in humans (XX x XY).  This also explains why we have about a 50:50 sex ratio.


these 3 questions by handwriting and i want it to be similar to the one i uploaded the handwriting 



Term Paper Directions


Carefully read this document and the included linked material.

Choose a topic from this course that you wish to research in more detail

The topic can be anything mentioned in your text book, even if it is a topic that we are not covering in class

It should be a topic that has some relevance to your life, that has touched your life in some way

Proposed topics are posted in Week 3 and must be approved in advance


You may only arrest ONE suspect.

Your warrant needs to include:

1) Who you are arresting and the charge  against them:

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