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Scholarly Discussion: Based on what you have learned in the course so far, discuss the relationship between economics, business concepts (such as targeted marketing), social status, and wellness.

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Genetics- Epigenetics

Open the attached article and read it. If you think that you've perceived any flaws, overstatements/unsupported conclusions, or if you were simply left wondering about experiments that could have been done but weren't - go ahead and speak your mind (it can't hurt, it can only help).


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You examine two SNPs that differ between the Denisovan genome and all H. sapiens genomes. For SNP A, there is a C→T transition going from human to Denisovan; for SNP B, there is a T→C transition going from human to Densisovan. Which of these two SNP is more likely to reflect a real difference between the human and Denisovan genomes and why?

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