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Please make ensure all the work is original on answering the discussion questions below.


Please make your answer is concise and straight to the point, answering the entire question.



4-5 pg Case Study


4-5 pages, APA Format paper.


Please Send me a link to the references you use, I need to be able to read them.



Homework 3

Using the textbook and the South University Online Library, write a 1500-word paper using APA standards that focuses on the following: Interview two different individuals regarding their positions in society. Analyze their responses regarding:


Article for reference:

Chong, O. (2006). An integrative approach to addressing clinical issues in

complementary and alternative medicine in an Outpatient Oncology Center. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 10(1), 83–89.

Critique the Chong article and prepare an APA style–referenced 4page  response to the following questions:


Secondary Data in Healthcare Research

Here is a video introduction to the Assignment. Be sure to adjust your audio settings. Closed captioning is available in the video.

Unitoutcomes addressed in this Assignment:

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