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Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories

Concept Comparison and Analysis Across Theories


Write a 1700-word paper on a core concept across nursing theories.

assign 3

instructions inside


Case Study: Interdisciplinary Plan of Care that Provides Culturally Competent Care for Muslim Patients

As a social worker what interventions would you use to design an interdisciplinary plan of care that provides cultural competent care for the following case study?


How have the Expectation of the NHS since 1948

How have the expectations of the National Health Service changed since its introduction in 1948 and how effective has the service been able to respond to these changes? What impact has the implementation of the NHS had on the health of the nation?


Medicaid and the Middle Class

Medicaid is not just for poor people. The American middle class benefits significantly from the Medicaid program. In a 1- page synopsis, analyze a specific Medicaid program that seeks to benefit the middle class in your state (State is Illinois). Does it help? How can you know? Provide some details.

Must be in APA format with in text citation

Calculation of Odds Ratio and Relative Risk

As an epidemiologist, you are asked whether eating two burgers from a fast food restaurant daily will lead to at least 20 lbs weight gain in one month. You decide to test the hypothesis by using a cohort study.


Identification of Health Related Issues

Identify health related issues relevant to the elderly population . Use multiple resources, such that you include at least three journal articles from the South University Online Library. Be sure to consider psychosocial needs. Submit both your analysis and a summary in a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document.


Support your responses with examples.

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