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Simple Math. Urgent algebra questions.

1. Value of  5a+2b when a=2 and  b=6.


2. Value of 8x-6 when x=-1


3. My mothers age is three times my age. The sum of our ages is 40. How old am I? How old is my mom?



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A triangle has side lengths 10, 15, and 7. Is the triangle acute, obtuse, or right? Show your work and explain.

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MATH 106 Finite Mathematics 


1.  Sheila purchases a car for $24,000, makes a down payment of 25%, and finances the rest with

a 60-month car loan at an annual interest rate of 5.4% compounded monthly. What is the amount

of her monthly loan payment?

A.  $457.32                     C.  $508.00 


cold war paper


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Exam: 250314RR - Systems of Equations and Inequalities

1. Use the addition method to solve the system below.


A. {(5, 0)}

B. {(5, 0), (–5, 0)}

C. {(0, 5), (0, –5)}

D. {(0, 5)}


2. Graph the inequality x + y < –4.


3. Which operation listed below is not possible for


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Exam: 250315RR - Conic Sections and Analytic Geometry


1. Convert the equation of the ellipse 5x

D. The equation isn't that of an ellipse.


2. What is the center of the hyperbola ?

A. (9,4)

B. (4,9)

C. (0,2)

D. (2,0)


3. Which of the following is the polar graph of ?

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Exam: 250312RR - Analytic Trigonometry


1. Rewrite the following expression as a simplified expression containing one term.

2. Use the figure below to find the exact value of the trigonometric function cos 2θ.


3. Express the product of sin 5x cos 2x as a sum or difference.


4. Use a half-angle formula to find the exact value of the expression sin 165°.

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Exam: 250313RR - Additional Topics in Trigonometry

1. Convert the rectangular equation y = 3 to a polar equation (that is, in terms of r and θ).

A. sin θ = 3

B. r cos θ = 3

C. r = 3

D. r sin θ = 3


2. A vector v has initial point P

A. v = -6i - 6j

B. v = 6i - 4j

C. v = 4i - 6j

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