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Complete the exercises listed below. These exercises are for practice only and will help you to better understand payroll accounting. You can access templates for any problem in this course by visiting the textbook companion website (link accessible under Extra! Extra!). Do not submit your answers to the instructor.

You can find the following exercises under "Practical Problems A" at the end of Chapter 3:


Unit 4 : Unit 4: Social Security Taxes - Quiz



Unit 4: Unit 4: Social Security Taxes - Discussion

Scroll down and click “Respond” to post your reply to the Discussion questions. Please review the Discussion Board Participation Grading Rubric on your course Syllabus.


Unit 4: Unit 4: Social Security Taxes - Discussion



This is an accounting assignment

This is an accounting assignment the excel file which I uploaded has all the instructions 


You dont have to do the whole assingment only the part where it says GROUP MEMBER 3 under the tab DIVISION OF WORK


12 accounting questions due today!!


12 questions in accounting due today! Questions are not related and should be answered separately with the correlating question number on top along with the reference. 5 references are required.


Cost Acct




Accounting Research paper

it is a 15 page paper, We'll talk about further details

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