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Discussion Week 6: Oligopoly Problem


Answer the following comment in reference to post “Economic Impact of Oligopolies”


Attached original discussion post you wrote to me:



1st comment.



question 4

I have 3 questions that need tobe answered. A minimum of 5 sentances per reponse please



Conduct an independent online search regarding the FBI's Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) and the database known as the "terrorist watch list." In a 1-2 page Word document, address the following prompts:


Cost 4

Activity based costing is a unique tool used by management to better determine where a firms costs are.

For this module's project piece:

  • In a 1-2 page paper define a minimum of three to four activities that would be seen in your chosen business.
  • Using activity based costing and management, define the process you would use to manage costs and the overall efforts associated with these activities in your business.

Goes with cost, cost 2 and cost 3

Accounting Assignment



Please see attached homework instruction, thanks.


Activity based costing (ABC) systems look at the underlying activities that drive costs within organizations and use these to assign costs. The use of ABC in organizations presents a unique way to reduce overall costs and better track the costs that arise within the overall process.


Present your solution to the following problem in an Excel document.

The 2009 and 2010 financial statements of Daffney Company contain the following errors:

Assignment 3: LASA 1: Whole Foods Market, Inc. and MyAccountingLab


Assignment 3: LASA 1: Whole Foods Market, Inc. and MyAccountingLab

Review Whole Foods Market, Inc’s 2010 Annual report, company information and investor information(see the link: Whole Foods Market, Inc. Investor Relations in the webilography) and write a 5-7 page paper following APA guidelines which addresses the following:

Assignment 2: Discussion—ABC Analysis

Assignment 2: Discussion—ABC Analysis

Review the Decision Case 1 (Harris Systems) located on page 942-943 in you textbook. Answer the four case questions in the Requirements section of the case. In addition, address the following in one to two paragraphs:

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