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Global Competitiveness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Global Competitiveness and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Segment 2

This week is the second part of your Course Project. For complete details on the project, please refer to the Course Project - Introduction in Week 03.


Explanatory and Opinion Paragraphs


Kobyashi Moru reports its inventory, fixed assets, depreciation and cost of goods sold on a current value basis (fair market value on the date of the financial statements).



Read Case 7.1 in your Auditing Cases text. In this case, you will research the determination of planning materiality and tolerable misstatement for Anne Aylor, Inc.

Prepare a short essay that fulfills the requirements of the case study and submit to your instructor.



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Accounting discussion broad

 choose a  company, Pull its' most recent financials and calculate the DOL, DFL, and DCL.   Indicate your results and discuss what they imply about the organizations capital structure.

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