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Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary of your team's discussion regarding IFRS versus. GAAP. The summary should be structured in a subject-by-subject format. Include an introduction and a conclusion. Your discussion should include the answers to the following:


Week 3

Revise your Week 3 economic analysis using the feedback provided by your facilitator to evaluate the challenges of expanding your company's production to a foreign market. This will require you to revise previously recommended pricing and non-pricing strategies for your company's product based on the selected country's economy's stage in the business cycle and the projected economic conditions. 

assign 2

How do finance and accounting play a role in ethics and sustainable positive social change?

How might you use accounting or finance to support this role that you described above?


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Include Reference

Intercompany Debt Complete

Intercompany debt, both long term and short term, arises frequently. In some cases, intercorporate borrowings may arise because one affiliate can borrow at a cheaper rate than others, and lending to other affiliates may reduce the overall cost of borrowing. In other cases, intercompany receivables/payables arise because of intercompany sales of goods or services or other types of intercompany transactions.



After reading the article “Ernst & Young's Liability for Lehman Larger Than Claimed,” discuss Ernst & Young’s “going-on” liability after their 2007 arbitrary cutoff of responsibility from Lehman Brothers financial statements (10-Ks). Present evidence that the consolidated financial position of Lehman Brothers was not in conformity with US generally accepted accounting principles by discussing the material misstatements due to fraudulent financial reporting or misappropriation of assets.

response 3

I have 3 questions that have been answered alresdy.. All I need is a response to the answers. A minimum of 5 sentances per response and nothing negitive please.


Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth

Application: Individual Reflection: Blueprint for Professional and Personal Growth—Your Future as a Manager, with Executive Summary of Class and Management Accounting Skills

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