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XM Outfitters produces Kayaks. Use the attachment below which contains information for the first three years of business and use it to present your calculations and answers to the questions below:


Bonieta123 Only


Accounting questions


Discussion Question

3 part discussion question for accounting

Accounting Homework

I need it done as soon as possible its two little parts from my accoutning book i just dont understand what to do. Has to be done in word. If you dont know how to do it or cant do it by when i need it please dont respond ill post the pages to the assignment up from my phone.


E13-4 has to be done and E13-9 has to be done 

Accounting Question (Steve Jobs)



Please see attached, thanks.




Final Portfolio Project (Steve Jobs)



Attached please find an instructions to my Portfolio Project paper.

Please to be sure to attached 2 attachments as requested by my professor. 

1). Project Outline.

2). Completed Final Portfolio Project paper.





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