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I have 2 questions that have been answered. All I need is a response to them. A minimum of 5 sentance per responds and nothing negitive . Also please include referances please


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 total less than 2.5 pages needed, i have done half....  my first part need polish.


Can you complete? *Note this paper ha an attachment

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the inventory section of two companies using basic comparative analysis, and to interpret the data to gain insight about the company's inventory management.

Assignment Steps 

Resources: Appendices D and E located in Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making 


DUE DATE 27TH April 2017 9.00 am Australian timings Thursday

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We need someone to help me with my accounting class writing assignments. I have the answers from the book but I need someone to rewrite the answer in their own words. 

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due date 27th April 2017 Thursday 9.00 am Australian timings

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