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Multiple Questions Answers

1. Resources that are lacking or deficient and that prevent the organization from developing a sustainable competitive advantage, are known as:

A. weaknesses.    

B. strengths.    

C. opportunities.    

D. threats.   

Multiple Questions Answers

1. Special and unique capabilities that distinguish the organization from its competitors are called __________ organizational capabilities.

A. distinguished    

B. distinctive    

C. demonstrated    

D. delineated   

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

A __________ statement is a statement of what specific organizational units do and what they hope to accomplish.

A. vision    

B. strategy    

C. technology    

D. mission   


Question 2

The competitive advantage perspective that focuses on structural forces within an industry, the competitive environment of firms, and how these influence competitive advantage is the __________ view.

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

Companies such as Google and Apple are finding that they can achieve a sustainable competitive advantage with:

A. physical assets.    

B. physical distance.    

C. non physical assets.    

D. vanishing distance.   


Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

The influence of globalization in managing strategically can be demonstrated in:

A. the global marketplace.    

B. global competition.    

C. the organization itself.    

D. global competitors and the global marketplace.   


Question 2

Capitalizing on information, people, ideas, and knowledge characterizes the implication of:

A. vanishing distance.    

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

According to the guerrilla view of competitive advantage, the state of an organization's competitive advantage is:

A. temporary.    

B. long term.    

C. long term based on the role of strategic leadership.    

D. able to provide stable cash flows.   


Question 2

American Airlines starting an airfare war by drastically reducing prices is an example of a change in the __________ environment.

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

Competitive advantage can best be described as:

A. increased efficiency.    

B. what sets an organization apart.    

C. a strength of the organization.    

D. intangible resources.   


Question 2

Which one of the following factors is considered to make an organization's resources unique?

A. Durability    

B. Imitability    

C. Quality    

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act

02 is a U.S. federal law designed to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of:

A. the corporate vision.    

B. the corporate mission.    

C. corporate disclosures.    

D. the balanced scorecard.   


Question 2

In addition to expanding the role of board members, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

02 also called for more disclosure and transparency of:

Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

The board of directors in an organization:

A. plays a significant role in corporate governance.    

B. is responsible for the implementation of the organization's operating activities.    

C. serves in the role of executive management.    

D. is not an important part of the organization's strategic development.   


Multiple Questions Answers

Question 1

An example of a corporate strategy would involve the decision to:

A. increase the price of the Hummer.    

B. spin Taco Bell off from Pepsi.    

C. combine marketing functions in the Northeast and the Southeast.    

D. increase the advertising budget for Coca-Cola.   


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