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Discussion #1 250 words




Due today !!

Please provide an overview of AS 2510, 2601 and 2605.

Due today

Provide comments about AT&T COMPANY on specific audit issues.

1 Page double space.




Decision 2

Reminder - I do not allow direct quotes in student's work in this class.  You need to paraphrase and cite your outside sources.  "Outside sources" do not include the text and so you don't need to cite it.


The Judiciary: Structure and Jurisdiction

There are 51 separate court systems in the United States. The federal government operates one court system, the federal courts; and each of the 50 states operates a court system, the state courts. The federal court and all of the state courts have three main levels:  trial courts, appeals courts, and supreme courts. Define trial courts, appeals courts, and supreme courts.


Online Intro to Financial Accounting

online intro to financial accounting class on connect mcgraw-hill. $5 for every assignmnet. Will pay extra $5 dollars for grade of B and $10 extra for grade of A per assignmnet. Will pay $20 extra for A's on the three exams. Two assignmnets are due every week.

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