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The CEO of your company has an upcoming meeting with the Board of Directors who have expressed concern about internal controls. The CEO has asked you to prepare a memo about internal controls and why they are important to the financial health of your company.



1,000 to 1,500 words


APA Style

Forensic Accounting class

Write a 5 page paper on topic: Worldcom: Boosting Earnings in a Big way

Write about the financial scandal and how the investigation was formulated. Please provide these Key points in the paper:


1. Define the objectives of the company

2. summarize the company's operations

3. Print the comapnay's financial statements in the year of the financial Scandal

4. Analyze the financial scandal

5. Explain why and how government got involed in fact findings

6. How was the investigation conducted?

cost accounting

cost accounting assignment

WileyPlus Accounting


Resource: WileyPLUS

cost analysis

A format master scholar writing

Apa citations citations and referenes

Accounting help

Galaxy Satellite Co. (120 Points)

Accounting help

Galaxy Satellite Co. (120 Points)

Lot 2

For this week, you will complete the SWOT analysis for the Company you selected in week 2.  Click the link below for a "fill in the blanks" OUTLINE to use for your SWOT. You should use this outline and be sure to SAVE your work as you will need it for the remainder of the quarter. This project will be done ENTIRELY as an OUTLINE. You will NOT be writing a 'paper' for this project.


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