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Part of the accountant's job is to assess change control and change management for the accounting information system.

Read Case 8-1: Assessing Change Control and Change Management at the end of Chapter 8 and complete the questions that follow.


task 2

In Week 02 you determined the departments that you would like on your team to assist you in researching your accounting information system. This week you are preparing a summary of internal control weaknesses that may occur in each of those five departments.

In a minimum of 2 full pages:


It is not at all uncommon for chief executives to think too far out in the future. Many times it is the job of the accountant to reel the CEO back in to the present time.

For this week's writing assignment, complete Case 4-1 attched. Prepare a business memo that addresses the concerns stated in the case. Use this as a chance to showcase your best professional effort. In your memoranda you should:



Directions: Read the two scenarios presented in the Problem-Solution Assignment attached. Once you have finished reading the scenarios, use the information to successfully complete all of the requirements of applying proper valuation of leases.

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