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Jackson County judges try thousands of cases per year

JacksonCounty judges try thousands of cases per year. In an overwhelming majority of the cases disposed, the verdict stands as rendered. However, some cases are appealed, and of those appealed, some of the cases are reversed. ***** ***** of The Star Tribune conducted a study of cases handled by JacksonCounty judges over a three-year period. In the attached Excel file Judges are the results for the 182,908 cases handled (disposed) by 40 judges in Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Court, and Municipal Court. 

A+ Work

1) Using Microsoft Word or Publisher, create a pamphlet for families that outlines the requirements in the IFSP and IEP processes.

2) Include information for students in birth-PK programs and grades K-3.

3) Describe the roles and responsibilities of both the early childhood teacher and the parents.

4) Provide sources of information for parents who need support in the IEP and IFSP processes (Web sites, parent information networks, support services, etc.)

a) State education sites are a good source of information.

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