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Management Accounting

The Genre company is the manufacturer of  two products the Basic and the Advanced .Details of production data and product cost data are as follows:


Accounting 1

explain two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages in using both the cash and the accrual basis of accounting.

  • Then, determine the one (1) that you believe provides the most useful financial information to users.
  • Identify at least two (2) types of businesses that would benefit by preparing financial statements using either the cash or accrual basis of accounting.
  • Justify your response.

Project Schedule Changes

You have kicked off the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project, your contractors are in place and working on receiving the proper building permits.

You originally were told the permits would only take 2 weeks to obtain but the contractors are telling you it will now take 3 weeks. You need to build the additional week into your schedule for each permit that will be obtained.

In addition, your framing and drywall contractors have just told you they are running late on their other jobs and can only release half their crew for your project. This will double their schedule.


1 Question to be answered

select a stock in which you are interested. Calculate its per share value using the DDM or another method discussed in Chapter 9. Then, find the current market value of a share of the stock. Compare the two. Can you explain the similarity or difference?

Please chose walmart

Dis 4

  • From the e-Activity, evaluate the appropriateness of the techniques used and the common issues pursued by the IRS in corporate

Assignment 2

Suppose you are a CPA hired to represent a client that is currently under examination by the IRS. The client is the president and 95% shareholder of a building supply sales and warehousing business. He also owns 50% of the stock of a construction company. The client’s son owns the remaining 50% of the stock of the construction company.

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