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Case Law – there are some significant cases, identified below, that have influenced the auditing profession. Select one or more of these cases and explain the facts of the case and the impact that the case has had on the profession. (Initial post should be approximately 250 to 500 words, and should cite at least one outside source. All posts must be grammatically correct.)


PowerPoint Slides with notes: Tax Benefits of a Home Based Travel Business 2016-2017

Accurate information on the tax benfits of owning a home based travel business in the U.S. as of 2016/2017. References are required. 10 slides with foot notes minimum.


wk 4 Individual assignment

Attached are the details to the assignment. Responses should be in own words but if references are used, it is a requirement that a link to the website used be provided in that reference in APA format. This assignment is due no later than 10 am CST tomorrow.  


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The attached Powerpoint needs to be fixed based on the feedback below.....



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