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Phase 3

Perform the statistical analysis and report the results of your test.

GOES WITH Phase 1 AND Phase 2


In a 1-2 page paper compare and contrast the difference in the following land ownership possibilities:

  • fee simple absolute
  • life estate
  • joint tenancy

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? In your opinion, which is the best option? Why?

revenue expenditures/capital expenditures

Distinguish between revenue expenditures and capital expenditures. Select a company and indicate two (2) examples of revenue expenditures for that business and two (2) examples of capital expenditures. 

Audit question

Assume that you are a consultant to a small business. The President of the business does not have an accounting background and has asked your assistance in establishing internal controls for the company. Conduct some brief external research on the Internet and prepare a short memo to the President with your recommendations concerning internal controls; in your memorandum, cite at least three (3) internal controls that you recommend for this business.

ratio of sales

Select a company and visit the website of the business. Locate the income statement for the company (this most likely can be found under a tab titled, "Investor Relations" and then look for the comprehensive financial statements). Calculate the Ratio of Sales to Assets for the company you chose and interpret the result in your post. In your opinion, is the company performing well in this category?

BUSN 460 Financial Analysis Project Week 208.12(1)

BUSN 460 Financial Analysis Project Week 208.12(1)

BUSN460 Individual Financial Analysis Project                        

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accounting homework

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