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Management of a firm with a cost of capital of 12 percent

Management of a firm with a cost of capital of 12 percent is considering a $100,000 investment with annual ash flow of $44,524 for three years.

Accounting Theory

1500 words with 4 references in harvard style.

Accounting Discussion

No down payment


The chapter covers the purpose of Internal Control, and introduces the following principles of internal control. Apply the following concepts (Do not apply some hard concepts b/c the class might not yet cover them) to create a no more than 200-word response to the dicussion.

1) establish responsibilities

2) maintain adequate records

3) insure assets and bond key employees

4) separate recordkeeping from custody of asstes

5) divde responsibility for related transactions


Deliverable Length:  3 pairs of journal entries with notes

You are a believer that new employees should practice their accounting skills before "throwing them into the fire." Therefore, you have listed a series of transactions that require journal entries and updating of T-Accounts.

You know that preparing nonprofit journal entries are easy, so you ask the new employee to


Deliverable Length: 500-1,000 words APA format must include introduction and conclusion.




Page 3&4 is a duplicate of the assignment on page 1 & 2.  

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