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Should you go to college?

Have you ever thought of the way each level of the educational system fits into the next? To ensure you have a chance at a good life, school starts equipping you with the tools you need to succeed from an early age. Each level of the educational system lays a solid foundation upon which the next level builds. Even elementary school, which is sometimes viewed as a throw away, fits into this category.

At the elementary level, young children are taught basic numeracy and literacy. However, the structure also teaches valuable lessons such as interaction norms and survival without parental support. By the time the primary level begins, the foundation allows children to learn higher levels of literacy and numeracy. Higher focus is developed as these children age and so these basic skills allow branching out into various subject areas. Secondary school further develops these subject areas, and it is where specialization begins to come into play.

All those levels of education are compulsory, and students are thrusted from one into the other. Tertiary education, however, is a bit different. It isn’t required, nor are there any age restrictions. It can be done at anytime or not at all. So, why then should you attend college?

Growing in Your Desired Field

The biggest merit of college is the fact that it is the true level of specialization in education. Even at the high school (secondary) level, there are many required classes that feel useless once you have determined your interest. For example, you may be interested in a career in Chemistry, but foreign language courses are required. While knowing a foreign language is not necessarily useless, it has no merit to Chemistry. Furthermore, the scope of secondary level of Chemistry is child’s play compared to the knowledge requirements for the real world.

This is where college comes in. College allows you to learn the more advanced areas of your field of study without requiring unnecessary courses. The courses that appear unnecessary contribute to personal development in some manner.

Earning a Recognized Certification

Learn hard to get the certifications you need

In many organizations, hiring decisions are made based on certifications as well as experience. While the content of college programs can be learned outside of the college system, earning the degree holds significance in the corporate world.

This is because high confidence is placed in the certification authority (the college in this case), which implies that students who have received degrees have certain abilities.

Sporting Opportunities

If you intend to play any sport at the professional level, going to college may be the perfect method to entry. College sporting teams provide a convenient buffer between school level and professional play.

This is because college teams are easier to make than professional ones. Once a student has made a college team, that student can then use the team as a platform for gaining the attention of professional teams. Of course, you get to acquire a degree while you’re at it.


As you can see, college serves quite a few purposes. Those discussed are not exhaustive as there are even more benefits. Take advantage of a college education and remember to be resourceful while doing so. So, if you’re lacking a couple homework answers for science, feel free to make use of an online or campus-based homework assistance platform.

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