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What changed in studying methods?

How students acquire learning has changed dramatically throughout the years.  As students change the way they acquire learning, the way they study has also changed in big ways. It reflects technological advancements and changing mindsets.

25 years ago, college students used textbooks, paper, and a pencil or pen inside the classroom.  The use of a desktop computer was limited, and mainly utilized when they need to write a paper. Nowadays, all students use tablets and laptops inside and outside the classroom. Technology has transformed studying. These studying methods have helped them tremendously, making studying more convenient and less stressful for them.

1.The advent of search engines and YouTube

There was once a time when searching for information meant going to the library, browsing through the card catalog for a list of books on the subject, and poring over each and every book until you find the right information that you are looking for.

Google, everyone’s best friend, has changed all that.  When you want to know something, you have a search engine at the tip of your fingers. Collectively, students all over the world probably utilize Google more than a million times each day.

In the same way, YouTube has made it possible to watch a video of a person explaining or demonstrating a concept or a skill that you want to know.  These days, students can both instantly read and watch anything about the topic of their choice.

2.Social and peer learning

These days, studying is a highly social activity. This has actually been proven in researches even before the advent of technology as we know today.  Human beings learn better by internalizing the experience of others and when they learn in a social setting they retain information better.

In the days of social media, social network help students study better. Social network platforms dedicated to learning abound. Students help each other review and contribute knowledge to the group. Peer-to-peer collaboration is a big thing, where students can participate in the learning of other students around the world. Many types of research show that students who engage in effective peer learning perform higher on tests compared to students who do not.

Studying together in different ways
Studying together in different ways

3.Access to books and textbooks

Contrary to popular belief, Google doesn’t have all the answers.  Most websites need membership access before you get all the information they provide. That is the reason why books and textbooks are still an important facet of studying.  Tablets can hold multiple books and are replacing textbooks. Tablets also add interactivity to books.

Since college textbooks can be very expensive, digital textbooks can be rented and sold. There are online marketplaces where students can buy, sell, and rent their textbooks. There are also websites where students can access free ebooks such as bartleby.com. Project Gutenberg has about 43,000 free ebooks.

4.Online college homework help

All the information that students acquire almost instantly can get overwhelming at times.  Students need to know what to do with all this information, sifting through all the data and organizing them in such a way that makes sense. This is where online college homework help come in.  Organizing information and knowing what information to use at the right time are both important study skills that some students need help with. As one saying goes, information might be everywhere but knowledge is still scarce.

With online homework help, students can get knowledge from individuals who have gone through college. Through online college homework help, students are able to call out for academic assistance for just about any subject, from Math and Statistics, Health and Natural Sciences, Business and Management, to Social Sciences, History, and Literature. These professionals are accessible and can assist students in putting all the right information together in a cohesive manner.

5.Apps used for studying

There are a lot of apps designed to help students get organized.  There’s an app where students can see all their tasks from all classes organized by due date and due time. Apps can also calculate how much time you need for each task and accurately track each task. There are also some apps that calculate how much time you need to study for each exam or quiz and tracks your progress throughout the semester.  Apps can even send homework notifications. Some apps even help students better memorize facts and figures or create your own digital flashcards.

These apps are designed to help students minimize cramming and manage time more efficiently.

Even if studying methods have changed throughout the years, one thing remains the same: having a great college education still depends on self-discipline, motivation, and hard work.  Without these elements, any studying method, whether it be online college homework help or an education app, will be useless.

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