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Becoming a scientist – or, at least, aspiring to be one someday – is often derived from a person’s natural curiosity about the world around him/her. If you are reading this article, then there is a possibility that you have this curiosity. Perhaps you have been trying to veer away but to no avail.

The first step to becoming a scientist is to embrace the passion to learn more. You must have the motivation to learn and succeed. Keep in mind that these qualities are vital simply because becoming a scientist requires a lot of hard work and determination. Do it right and the experience will be rewarding.

For instance, you have been trying to understand a certain topic. Instead of loathing it, the best course of action is to find a resource that will help you like homework answers in chemistry, a study group or a tutor. The point is that regardless of your reason, you must always kee going and not give up. Some of the best discoveries happened because of “not knowing” an issue.

Use Passion and Curiosity as Your Compass

Have you ever wondered what the modal number that a certain scientific study or article is cited by someone else? In most cases, it is zero. Yes, that is right – your entire career does not always become the way you want it to be. There is the possibility of it not making a dent into understanding the human condition. That is why it is important that you learn and work in areas that you are extremely passionate about.

Use this alongside your curiosity to dictate your endeavour. If you make mistakes along the way, and you will, do not be easily disappointed.  Becoming a scientist is just like any career in this world. There are ups

and down. As long as you have the passion and curiosity to do it, then there is no doubt that you will become one someday.


Curiosity is the key
Curiosity is the key 

Impact Will Always Be Everything

Think of scientists as normal people who are also fond of praying to false idols or something. For these professionals, their false idols can be likened to the overall number of peer-reviewed publications. The point here is that you need to put a value on the impact that you make. Keep in mind that it is far more impactful to get your work featured in an article in a certain magazine rather than the top journal in your field. More importantly, you should build connections with other scientists who share the same interests and principles with you.

Always remember that ubiquity, in some ways, is the new exclusivity. If your goal is to make a significant impact in a certain area, go every place this passion of yours will be discussed or used. It is all about taking a huge leap of faith.

Build a Strong Partnership

Unlike the aforementioned, this is where you are going to choose good collaborators. These are those who are capable of getting things done a lot quicker than others. Remember that it is better to put the work, which is something that is more visible than intellect. Moreover, you must consider retaining people who help you stay humble and careful. If you got more, be generous and share what you have. As much as possible, give more than what you can really take. As soon as you build a trust with almost anyone, start creating a partnership. Be honest with your agenda. Trust is everything; hence, you must get to a point where you will be capable of sharing your hand and glance at someone else’s. Furthermore, remember to get rid of toxic people. They will pull you down.

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