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Whether you’re a senior or a freshman, college can be stressful in several ways, so getting to know school hacks is one of the best ways to help you be successful, without being extremely stressed out. People all have their own experience of college, but some similar occurrences come about again and again. These hacks are not taught to students during class, so one must discover them on their own.

The incentive hack

The study snack incentive hack is one that any college graduate can swear by. Staying focused while studying can be a tough task, so giving oneself an incentive to continue reading notes helps one stay on task. The typical way to go about the study snack incentive is to allow oneself to have one of their favorite snacks every hour, or every time they finish reading 10 pages. The number of pages or length of time can, of course, fluctuate from student to student, so one needs to figure out what works best for them. Once their time rhythm has been figured out, all that’s left is to figure out which of their favorite snacks they can use as their incentive to keep going!

The Recording hack

Another one of the best studies hacks many college students use to listen to their recorded lectures at double the speed, to help them get through the information the professor is saying more rapidly. Not all courses are recorded, but if one is lucky enough to have the privilege of their professors doing so, this hack can save them a lot of study time, which can allow them to have more time to memorize their notes.

Using colors as a hack

Using different colored pens while writing notes is something children do but is just as rewarding for students of any age. Writing different subjects and multiple themes in different colored pens help one visually memorize something. Using this technique, one remembers responses for test questions based on the color they had previously attached to the idea.

Saying goodbye to your phone

Another key to solving any potential problems during a student’s college years is by putting one’s phone away during class time. This may sound like a simple advice, but so few people listen to it. A professor knows instantly when one has been staring down at their desk longer than average. They are likely to either call this student out for texting during their course or send an individual email to the student later about them being interruptive – neither of which any student wants to be faced with.

The health hack

Another easier said than done piece of advice for surviving college is to eat healthily. Living an action-packed life, as most college students do, most people completely forget to follow proper eating habits. While this is nothing to be ashamed of with this, since so many of us get lost in the busyness of life, one should be capable of recognizing harmful patterns quickly, so that they can stop themselves once they notice these habits occurring. Once one can always remind themselves to eat a healthy diet, waking up for school, and staying awake while studying becomes more easily done.

Eat healthy

The online help hack

The final, and debatably the best college hack, is to invest in getting online college homework help. College gets harder the more you dig into courses, so having online assistance to keep a student on track with their work, providing support whenever needed, is key to remaining organized. Homework helpers can assist at any time of the day, so a student never has to wait for their questions to be answered. No matter how good of a student someone is, they can still benefit from having a homework helper, since they provide aid with even the smallest of confusions.

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