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Writing an essay is a way of expressing what you think and how you feel. There are some people who are comfortable in expressing their thoughts and feelings with words while there are some people who are having a hard time expressing their thoughts and feelings by speaking. Those who belong to the latter usually express their thoughts and feelings through writing and writing an essay is a great way of expressing what you think and how you feel.

Writing is a life skill that everyone should be capable of doing because writing is used everywhere: in school, at work, at home, etc. Most people are capable in writing but not everyone is skilled in writing. It takes time and a lot of practice to be able to write a good essay, poem, or story.

Writing an essay is like peeking through your soul. It allows you to express yourself in a more logical way and helps you improve your vocabulary. It also helps you become better in writing. This is the very reason why writing a good essay is important. Writing a good essay allows your readers to get to know a deeper side of you. It makes you connect through their soul especially if they can relate to what you have written. Writing an essay is not just for the sake of writing or for the sake of fulfilling a requirement in school. Writing a good essay is a way to make people understand what you are thinking and how you are feeling backed by facts that you can get through research. It allows you to create your own writing style. It allows you to develop your writing skills, organize your thoughts, and develop critical thinking. It helps you explore and apply the things that you have learned.

Rules in Writing a Good Essay


how to write a good essay?
how to write a good essay?

1. Start your essay with an argument

The argument or thesis will direct your essay. Your argument is your answer or your position in response to a question, statement, or assertion backed by your reasons that are supported by evidence. You must have clear reasons for having that position in an argument and you need to have evidence to support your position.

2. Scope of the Essay

You cannot write every reason that you have for standing by your position in an argument. You can choose the top two or top three reasons favoring your position and expound on them. Make sure that you write each reason in a concise way and that your evidence are relevant at the current time.

Avoid focusing on items that are trivial and include those elements that are emphasized by authors or lecturers. Read on the latest and most relevant news with regards to your claim and discuss this in your essay.

 3. Include Counterarguments

Counterarguments to your thesis can be addressed in your essay especially if you think that there is something disagreeable about them and explain why you don’t agree with these claims.

 4. Use Examples to Explain your Argument

Examples are the best way to illustrate arguments. Examples can be derived from lectures, readings, periodicals, etc. Always include an explanation why your examples are relevant to your arguments.

 5. Use Words that are Clear and Easy to Understand

Avoid using jargons as much as possible. Use words that are clear and that are easy to understand. It would bore readers if you keep on using jargons. You can use jargons if it can’t be avoided but try to minimize using them.

 6. Do not Plagiarize

Plagiarism is a big no-no when it comes to writing. It’s better to use quotations or rephrase sentences if you want to emphasize them on your argument but never copy the exact same phrase or sentence. You can be sued for plagiarism.

7. Use Headers

Use headers to guide your arguments. Use headers to outline your arguments but do not give away your direct answer to your argument in the headers. This is also a great way to make your essay less boring because simply seeing long sentences and paragraphs is not pleasing to the eye.

8. Use Citations

It’s important to use citations and footnotes for your resources. MLA is widely used today for outside sources.

9. Check your Grammar

The worst thing that can hurt your essay writing is wrong grammar. Always make sure that you have good grammar when writing. It makes your essay more understandable and easier to digest.

10. Keep your Conclusion Concise

Make sure that your conclusion really answers your argument and doesn’t leave your audience hanging. It should be a summary of your argument. Avoid discussing new topics in the last paragraph.

Help in Essay Writing

One way to write a good essay is by getting help from homeworkmarket site. There are a lot of professional writers who offer their services to help others come up with a good essay. They can help guide you in writing an essay and they can also edit and fix what you have written. It’s like a tutorial session but it’s more on critiquing your essay and helping you make it better. Essay writing help is a good example of this type of service.

Read Before You Write

Before writing an essay, you need to read about the topic that you are going to write about. You need to gather ideas and facts to back up your argument. Aside from this, you can also read about the elements in writing a good essay. Once you have internalized and understood these things, then you can start writing a good essay.

Writing a good essay takes a lot of time and practice. You would need some help in the beginning but once you get used to it, you can already do it on your own. You can always write down your thoughts whenever you come across something related to the essay you are planning to write. It’s always important to organize your thoughts before writing an essay to have a concise and precise essay.


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