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It cannot be denied that college students often find themselves struggling to grasp the core concepts of mathematics. Unfortunately, this prevents them from being successful, especially when it comes to higher levels of education in the subject. In most cases, the failure to incorporate and master basic concepts in this subject early on only discourages students to stop pursuing it.

But hey, it does not have to be that way. Like any other subject, math is learnable. Yes, it holds true that it is difficult. There are tons of equations, numbers, and dimensions to get used to. However, with the right amount of dedication and knowledge, everything should fall into place. A branch of math that seems to make the lives of students a lot harder is statistics. So, to help you overcome the fear of statistics, we’ve gathered some efficient tips that you should try.

Understand Instead of Memorizing

All too often, students are fond of resorting to memorization. They tend to memorize a certain procedure or formula, thinking it would benefit them later on. Sure, it can help them, but the effect of doing so is not long-term. The key here is to find a way to understand why these steps are needed in a solution or procedure. Keep in mind that this part here is being thoroughly explained by professors at school. So, as much as possible, give your utmost attention to the class. If you want to clarify something, do not hesitate to ask. Professors love it when students ask, because it means they want to learn.

Get Active

Contrary to popular belief, statistics is not the kind of subject that lets students become passive learner. It would instead place them in an area where it is beyond their comfort zones. Just keep in mind that this is normal. This part right here is part of the overall learning process. You really have to bring yourself closer to the many concepts of this subject. There is no need for you to be a genius with all procedures, steps, and whatnot. Just be active and participate.

statistics studies mean active studying
statistics studies mean active studying

As long as you have an actively engaging memory of concepts related to this subject, everything will be okay. You will have the ability, which will surprise you, to work on various concepts. This is even true with the complicated ones. You will find these are a breeze.

Practice and Practice

Statistics is a part of the wide world of math studies. And what most students forget is that math is a language on its own. And like any other language, it is designed to express the relationships between and interplay of various numbers. Once you learn this new language, the process does not stop there. You have to put in some work and start practicing.

Do not forget too that some concepts can really be exhausting. That is why you need to consider practicing and doing things on your own. Although a concept might not be that difficult when compared to others, you still have to refresh yourself about it. The point here is to develop a practice habit to nail down this subject. As you do this, you will be surprised with the fluency you have in the math language.

Work On Additional Exercises

Apart from practicing, one of the ways to be good at this subject is to welcome some additional exercises. Doing so will help you have a better understanding of the subject and, at the same time, find a better way to handle the different concepts involved. No matter how good you are at it – or even if you fully understand a certain concept – the real game is to apply whatever you have learned. And what better way to do this than working on a few additional exercises.

It’s also a good idea to find additional ways to solve a problem. Sometimes we’re not even aware that there could be a simpler solution to an exercise that looks intimidating.

For you to discover different methods of solutions, try solving these exercises with different people. It could be with a study group, with a tutor, or even with the help of sites that offer homework help in statistics. You’ll be shocked how easy an exercise can be if you would just think outside the box a bit. Yes, even in statistics. Good luck!

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