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¿Habla Español?

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world and there are approximately 480 million native Spanish speakers in the world. Spanish is the official language of Spain, in some Caribbean countries, and in most countries in Central and South America. It will be an advantage for you if you can speak Spanish fluently and you are doing business with Spanish or Latin American firms. It improves your prospects for work and even for clients. It will also be of great advantage if you are working overseas or if you simply love traveling because it can help you communicate with international clients, collaborate with experts on a global level, and negotiate business deals abroad. US also has a lot of Spanish speakers, so you will be able to use it there too.

Studying Spanish in School

It is easier to master Spanish if you learn it at school through Spanish studies. Studying the language not only helps you in speaking the language but it also helps you a lot on the grammar plus it increases your vocabulary too. Spanish is an easy language to learn and it’s easy to remember a lot of Spanish words. If you get exposed to people speaking the language, it’s pretty much easy to pick up the vocabulary and you can probably speak phrases or short sentences after a while. If your target is to speak the language fluently and with correct grammar, the best way is through school studies.

When you study a course in school, you are forced to do your best. You get motivated to learn the language in school and you are also forced to practice it at home so that you can do better and excel in class. You have better chances of improving your level in Spanish when in school. In school, your level of Spanish is also tested through exams.

Another way to improve your Spanish is by going to homeworkmarket site. In homeworkmarket site, you can select a tutor to help you with your Spanish homework. You can find a private tutor with whom you can spend an hour or a few hours a week to help you speak Spanish better, and who will force you to take your Spanish studies seriously. Tutors can help you with grammar, but more importantly, they can help you in mastering conversation.

Learning Spanish by Yourself

Spanish is an easy language to learn. Simply master a few words, phrases, and sentences and you can start speaking the language. It’s not as complicated as other languages that are more difficult to pronounce because most of the time, if not all the time, Spanish words are read how they are written. There are only quite a few letters that are pronounced in a different way. Your only challenge will be the grammar part.

To help you learn Spanish on your own, there are self-teaching apps that are available in the market where you can expand your vocabulary and learn more about the grammar. You can use these tools a couple of times a day or even an hour every day to help improve your Spanish so that even if you don’t have Spanish classes, you still continuously use and practice the language which is important if you really want to speak the language fluently. You need to be exposed to the language as often as you can so that the vocabulary and grammar sticks with you and you won’t forget them easily. Here are a couple of self-teaching apps and online tools to assist you in learning Spanish:

  1. DuoLingo

DuoLingo can be accessed through a browser or better yet through your smartphones through an app that can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It’s a free app that can help you learn any language that you wish to learn. Since it’s an app, you can always open the app to learn and practice Spanish anytime and anywhere you want to. It’s an effective and fun way to learn the language because it shows photos and has tests in the end to check how much you have learned and mastered about the language both in the vocabulary and in the grammar aspect of the language. You can also join groups and interact with fellow students who are learning the language through the app.

The only downside to this is that there is not much explanation when it comes to the grammar part, so you would need to have supplement materials like textbooks or other tools to help you understand Spanish grammar better and more effectively. What’s great about this app is that it helps you drill words, phrases, and sentences in your memory because of the way it teaches you to learn the language. You learn the language in a fun and interactive way just like how you were taught English in your early years of schooling.

learning spanish
learning spanish
  1. Rocket Spanish

Rocket Spanish is a software that comes with a full grammar course which explains how things work in the language just like a textbook. In the end of every lesson, there is a test to check what you have learned and if you were able to retain what you have learned in your memory. It also comes with an app which you can access wherever you are.

  1. FluentU Spanish

FluentU shows real-world videos that have been collected from different resources globally and display interactive captions to help you learn the language. The videos are authentic Spanish which have subtitles in both Spanish and English. If there is a specific Spanish word that you are not familiar with, you can click on the word in the caption and it will give you in-context definitions and examples for you to be able to better understand the word. There are also quizzes to help check how much you’ve learned.

Aside from these software and applications, there are also other ways to learn and improve your Spanish online. You can listen to podcasts that teach different levels of Spanish. You can find a lot of these podcasts anywhere. There are also podcasts available on Spotify. You can also check out video lessons on Youtube.

Practice Speaking Spanish with Spanish-Speaking People

The best way to practice and improve your Spanish is by engaging in conversations with Spanish speaking people. If you know someone who speaks Spanish, you can talk and video chat with that person a couple of minutes every day to make your conversation skills a lot better. This is a way to exercise the language more naturally. No matter how much you have studied and learned the language, you won’t be fluent if you won’t get to practice it. It doesn’t matter if you are not in Spain or any Spanish speaking country, if you get to practice the language with a Spanish speaking person.

Practice Regulary

Practice the use of the language regularly. You can do this by reading books, magazines, or news that are written in Spanish. Another way is to watch movies in Spanish. You can also look for Spanish speaking people who can chat or exchange emails with you on a daily or at least a regular basis to make sure that you won’t forget the language.

It’s easy to learn a language but it’s also easy to forget what you have learned. To avoid this, always practice the language. Use the language regularly so you won’t forget the grammar and vocabulary easily.

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