How to Solve Math Problems Easily Even If You’re Not a Math Pro? 3 Hacks You Didn’t Know About

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In case you did not know, the corresponding lack of ability in math – or innumeracy in particular – has gained tremendous attention in the past few decades. The ability to utilize mathematics has become more and more important, as the modern-day world grows more complex each day. Believe it or not, though, math is nothing harder than other subjects. Its only difference is, well, it is different. Think of this subject as something akin to building construction, engineering, foreign languages, and even science.

Truth is you really do not have to be good in mathematics, but it does not mean you will not practice. Just like becoming good at sports. You do not overcome such feat like it is an overnight process whatsoever. You undergo rigorous training and healthy diet, among others. Math, on the other hand, requires you to be faithful in practicing it. This is where homework becomes a thing, and it is something you need to be better at. And oh, everyone in this world needs a little help in conquering numbers, so it is definitely alright. There is nothing to be worried about.

1. Using an Online Math Tutor

It holds true that the age of the internet is revolutionizing the way students learn. And yes, most young individuals have embraced this concept of learning. They have accepted it as part of their everyday normal lives.

Unlike in the past, online tutors nowadays are a thing. You can easily get help with all things mathematics, and you do not even have to meet face to face. You and your tutor can sit in front of a computer and learn the subject with ease.

Learning math online gives you the freedom and incredible sense of flexibility. More importantly, you get access to a plethora of talented tutors and/or subject specialists. Hence, you can select a tutor that best fits your desired skills and personality.

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Below are some of the main advantages of online math tutoring. Check them out, so you will be convinced of its prowess.

  • Convenience – There is no need for you to travel or commute just to arrive at your tutor’s home. You see, this is a very exhausting activity, especially after having a long day at school. With online math tutoring, you remain at your home and learn math with ease. Heck, you can even undergo the whole session while dressed in your pajamas.
  • Efficient Learning – Online tutors use what is called an online whiteboard. This makes it very possible for you and the tutor to either draw or write. Think of it as a blackboard but only it is online. From there, your tutor can give out tests, quizzes, and other activities which are meant to gauge your progress.
  • Review Tutoring Sessions – This is perhaps the number one advantage of learning math online. In school, if a teacher discusses a thing or two about algebra, he/she draws figures on the blackboard. But in order for you to actually capture everything, you have to listen and take notes. This can be a stressing activity. With online tutoring, everything is recorded, though you can always take notes during the session. Now, if you want to review past lessons, you can simply access the recorded sessions and re-learn from there.
  • Easy Access to Further Resources – Yes, this is true. That is because there are plenty of different sites and computer resources out there, and all of them can be used as further resources for learning math. For instance, you can jump from one resource to another during your online tutor in order to make sure that you learn. And for time to be saved and prevent frustration, your tutor will do the heavy lifting of scouring the internet for resources deemed useful.
  • Communication – Learning is – and will always be – a two-way process. Meaning, you have to listen and speak, and this is especially true with mathematics. In an online setup, you can freely speak to voice concerns or questions, allowing you to resolve matters immediately. You are even encouraged to do so, as the tutor wants to confirm that you actually learned a thing or two. And do not be shy. If you are uncertain of something, make sure you speak out. Do not wait for the session to end. These tutors do not mind being interrupted as long as it concerns the subject. In fact, they would love you to do so, as it only means you are very interested.
  • A Tutor Who Cares – As cheesy as it may sound but it is really true. An online math tutor is someone who just does not do this out of the profession. He does this, as he believes that everyone deserves to understand mathematics. From time to time, you will be assessed to make sure that you know exactly what to do, especially when there is an upcoming examination. You will even be asked if the whole session has been comfortable; otherwise, he will try to fine-tune the session and make sure that you have fun learning.

2. Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask for Help with Math Homework

As mentioned above, one of the ways to learn math and be good at it is answering homework. After all, it is meant to gauge your learning and, at the same time, help you improve your learning for the better. While some homework can be a piece of cake, there are those that will really require you to go beyond and take extra measures. And this can be an exhausting experience. But hey, you can always ask for help, and there is no reason for you not to try to, particularly for math homework. These days, you can study and work together with a group of friends. Or, if you want, do this alongside a buddy or best friend. All of you can help each other while trying to learn together. Above anything else, you can acquire access from different sites that offer help in answering math homework. And mind you, these sites will provide you with guidelines and resources, too, so that you can learn despite having someone answer your homework.

3. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube, on the other hand, is a great platform. While it is titular for anything entertainment, this platform is also packed with a variety of tutorials under multiple categories. And yes, one of these is mathematics. A good number of YouTubers are fond of putting up tutorials that somehow help viewers learn mathematics. Some are meant to solve a hierarchy of math puzzles, while others are there to provide basic learning. Either way, it is true that there are a bunch of YouTube tutorials or videos that discuss further learning of mathematics. These footages present ideas, formulas, and numbers to name a few, so you can get better at it. You can even subscribe to specific channels. That way, you are always updated whenever there is a new tutorial video uploaded. Some of these videos offer complex learning while others are more about simplicity. Either way, you will learn and get better with the subject. As you can see, anything is possible nowadays thanks to internet technology. You just have to find the process that suits you best.


Mathematics is a fun subject, though the journey towards learning can be distressing. Of course, this can happen if you let it. With everything being online, you can learn this subject easily. You have access to different resources while having the ability to learn from a math specialist. There are even online tools that you can utilize, as they are recommended for further learning and practice. Still, at the end of the day, this boils down to how determined you are. Because no matter how accessible things can be, if you do not have the heart and effort to stomach everything, learning mathematics will only be a burden. So, before anything else, make sure that you truly want to be great on this subject.

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