How to Get out of a Useless Study Group?

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How to get out of a useless study group?

Even before getting to the college level, chances are you have heard of and have even used study groups in the past. The idea is to gain the benefit of the knowledge, experience, and ideas of other people doing your course of study while you provide them with your own.

On paper, this is a really good idea and it honestly works for many groups. Sometimes, however, you end up being the unlucky who got stuck with the useless study group.

Getting away from said study group may not seem easy for you either because you do not want to disappoint anyone, or because you aren’t sure if going off on your own or joining another study group is a better alternative.

Try looking for alternatives before leaving

The best way to get out of a useless study group is to experiment and find something solid before you leave. It is kind of like changing jobs in the working world. Your current job can be uncomfortable and a bit annoying; however, it pays the bills and it helps you ensure that you’re eating things you choose to eat.

Leaving said job without a plan is a huge mistake that many people make. Note that there are some people who recover and land on their feet but going off into the unknown in this sense is never a good idea.

Try finding an alternative before leaving your study group

The same applies to your study group. Since the plan was to improve the benefits that studying or practicing has for you, maybe you should try getting the studying done in some other manner that is beneficial. Take mathematics for example. This subject is notorious for being the catalyst for the establishment of numerous study groups. Some people find math very easy. However, there are numerous people who struggle with it. This is especially true at the college level where the equations have mutated to epic proportions.

How to get better on your own or with others?

There are a few things you could try to get better at math. The first is to use YouTube. YouTube has garnered such a reputation for being an entertainment hub that people forget that it has videos on almost everything. Chances are any math topic that is bothering you is the subject of several YouTube videos.

Second is practice questions. People all around the world post questions that you can use to get better. Doing online math homework from other people is probably not the way you were imagining getting out of a study group but if it works better then why not?

That’s just math but the principle applies across the board. Once you can see where remaining in a study group has low or no merit then you need to start looking for its replacement in preparation to leave.

People in the study group may not appreciate that and they may not look at you in a favorable light. However, once you take the time to explain why you’re leaving truthfully and respectfully, anyone who has a negative perception of you is possibly someone you don’t want in your life.


Study groups are a great way to cooperatively knock out the various challenges topics that make up a course of study. Be that as it may, they do not always work. Once you realize this, the time has come to decide what your next move is.

That move should be looking for the study group’s replacement. Explore various options and find what works for you. That could be a joining new study group, doing online math homework, getting tutored, etc. Whatever it is, find it then express your desire to leave and the reason to the useless group and move on.

You must make the hard decisions for the sake of your education.

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