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the all time best college tv shows you have to watch

TV shows make us imagine our future lives or even a “what if” life. But when it comes to college TV shows, some of them are quite realistic at times. Now that classes are finally in a full swing, though college parties are still a huge a thing, it is time to look at some gems that have both come and gone. So, without further ado, here is a list of some of the many best TV shows about college. Do not forget to watch them if you didn’t until now.


“Undeclared” is basically a spiritual sequel to the highly-celebrated “Freaks & Geeks.” Produced by Judd Apatow, this comedy’s existence has allowed most, if not all, of cast and crew of the former movie hit to examine everything about college life. It is none other than Jay Baruchnel who leads the show in a B-type rom-com lead. And thanks to him, you can feel that the atmosphere is filled with lots of charm, satire, and wit. And oh, there is also the never-ending love for the so-called “best four years” of your life.


“Coach” heavily focused on the story of a college football coach named Hayden Fox at the Minnesota State University. In the last two seasons, he was transferred to a position in the great NFL. Nonetheless, he gained the opportunity to take all of his coaching staff with him. Also, it is interesting to note that much of the series circled around him battling with the reality of gaining a renewed relationship with a daughter. The latter is a student at the university who he had no direct communication or relationship to since his divorce 16 years earlier. The show also revolved around the daily conflicts Fox had to endure as a coach to a college football team. Another major story you will fall in love with this show was the ongoing romance between Fox and a television news reporter. The catch here is that the reporter had no interest at all in sports, except Coach Fox.

Blue Mountain State

An original Spike series, “Blue Mountain State” was among the few series during its prime that aired for three seasons. The sitcom’s gist heavily revolved around the shenanigans courtesy of three college athletes, namely, Alex Moran, Sammy Cacciatore, and Thad Castle. The three can be seen working their way towards winning games for their beloved school’s football team, which is called The Mountain Goats. The series is well-known for its raunchy style, coupled with plot lines that somehow featured the ever-typical college experiences smothered in debauchery and drunkenness. It was the kind of series flooded with today’s over-the-top hazing rituals. Although the series proved to be a huge hit, it eventually suffered greatly from a drop in ratings during its last and final season.

A Different World

“A Different World” started as a spinoff from more popular “The Cosby Show.” It starred Lisa Bonet as Denise Huxtable, who would begin her college run at the fictional university of Hillman College. The latter, according to the show, is a historically black college situated somewhere in Virginia. Starting in the second season, particularly after Bonet left the TV show for good, the main characters were none other than Whitley Gilbert (Jasmine Guy) and her significant other Dwayne Wayne (Kadeem Hardison). Apart from showcasing the very life of an African-American college student, the TV show was famous for its boldness to tackle issues about racism, rape, and even class conflict. It also circled around the likes of the infamous AIDS epidemic, which, during the 90’s, became worse. Created by Bill Cosby, the show remains one of the most sought-after shows from a decade.


In all honesty, it is a crime not to include the “Community” in this list. The show is actually a complete reflection of Dan Harmon’s, the show’s creator, life at a certain college community. Not only is it known for being acerbic and satirical, the show also perfectly capture the true meaning of a hysterically funny sitcom. These qualities have enabled the “Community” to break a lot of boundaries in the TV/movie industry. With its seemingly disordered backstage production, the show is able to cultivate a study about Type A personalities. Its characters, who mostly possessed the said personality, attend the fictional university instead of getting trampled by the daily ins and outs of everyday college life. The school seems to be a cauldron for these students, allowing them to be cooked. But despite that, this characteristic is what makes the show a satisfying thing to watch. Otherwise, it would not continue to be an influential TV show. Remember: It is still an ongoing series. Truly, the “Community” has perfected what a college TV show should be – fun and inspiring.

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